Nonprofit Video Marketing

Nonprofit Video Marketing

By Ben Bernstein, Published October 20, 2013

For nonprofit organizations to continue their work, they depend heavily on the funds of others. If you are operating one of these organizations, then you know how important it is for people in the community to know about you. Although there are many ways to advertise for your organization, one of the best is through nonprofit video marketing. Non profit marketing with video can make your organization known in the community and at a very reasonable cost.

Make Your Organization Known
If you want to get a lot of exposure for your organization in a short amount of time, then the internet has you covered. There are plenty of places available online where you can post videos within minutes. The best part about video marketing is that it capturse the attention of viewers much easier than written text. They can also be watched all over the world and at any time from a home computer or a mobile device.

Add Video to Your Website
As a nonprofit you most likely have a website for your organization. Websites are a great and needed tool for letting others know about you. The wonderful aspect of a website is all the add-on possibilities that are available to you, such as the addition of videos. Adding a video to your website will give viewers a more personal view of your organization. With that, they will gain trust and feel more comfortable to contribute. Moreover, it will give your website a more professional look and an up-to-date appearance.

Reach Out With Social Media
Millions of people across the globe jump onto social media platforms each day. Their reasons range from entertainment, to shopping to looking for inspiration. When you post a compelling video onto sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Google+ that accurately describes your mission, you are literally advertising to the world. As a result, you will certainly get the views you are looking for.

Increase Advertising Through Sharing
When you utilize social media, not only will people watch your video they will also be more apt to share it with their friends and family. Social media sites have made this easy by adding the “share” button where videos can be shared across multiple platforms with just a quick click of the mouse. By opening up the ability for your viewers to share your video, you can obtain a much greater audience and in turn receive more donations.

Compel Your Audience
Receiving donations is a necessity in keeping a non-profit operational. Therefore, when you are using video for non profit marketing it is important that the video compels viewers to donate to your cause. People are visual and video enables you to reach them on this level. Tell your story, why your organization does what it does and what your mission is all about. If you succeed in capturing their attention, you will most likely succeed in gaining their donations.

Make Donating Simple with Interactive Buttons
You can increase donations even more by making the process simple for the contributor. To do this there are many interactive applications that you can choose from when creating your video. These can lead the viewer to places such as an informational page or a contact form. You can even embed a ‘donate now’ button onto the video directly which will enable viewers to contribute immediately. By making it possible for them to donate on the spot, they will more likely to do so and much less likely to become distracted.

With nonprofit video marketing, you can make your organization known, expand it’s reach and increase donations. People like to contribute to nonprofits, so why not give the whole world a chance to give to your cause? Have any non profit marketing videos ever compelled you to give?

Ben Bernstein is Social Marketing Manager for Viewbix, an online video startup that allows you embed . He earned his MBA from Tel Aviv University in Marketing and Information Systems. He writes 3 times a week at where he talks about marketing, video, starups and technology. He is married… View full profile


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