Wedding Minister Lucy in Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit

Wedding Minister Lucy in Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit, – Nuevo Vallarta – Bucerias – Punta Mita – Sayulita – San Pancho

Minister Lucy at Puerto Vallarta has proudly helped hundreds of couples to get together and experience the magic of this incredibly beautiful beach paradise with a delightful Wedding Ceremony totally guided were the couples participate in the Mexican Traditions and family and friends can also be invited to participate actively. The Ceremony is ideal for a couple wishing to get married in a private manner (Just the two of them) as well for those couples with a small group or large group of friends and family traveling with them.

Minister Lucy can also help you with all the needed legal paperwork and every City permit required. Also coordinating your event: Flowers, Champagne, Cake, Music, Dinner, Dancing, Locations, Booking and dealing with the Authorities, Translations Services for the required documents, Free Information of Legal Requirements and Medical Services. When you deal with Minister Lucy you can rest assure that you are dealing with a widely recognized expert recommended by all the government including City Hall, Registrar and foreign Consulates.

She is acknowledged by the Supreme Court of the State of Jalisco to deal with the legal translations needed for marriages in Mexico and acknowledge by the City Hall, Hotels Association, Migration Department, Courts and City Registrar to prepare and check the legal paperwork needed. As a Nondenominational Minister, she offers too a real ceremony performed by a real ordained Minister and not just a fake ceremony performed by someone with no legal representation from any Church nor Government Department, or those opportunists performing lame imitations of the ceremony totally created by her, not reflecting the true meaning of the incredibly beautiful traditions of Mexico, giving you a wrong idea different from the joyous and wise meanings they really have.

Just to give you an idea of what we can do for you:
Imagine a beautiful sunset at your favorite beach
A wonderful wedding arch covered in white and ivy with natural tropical native flowers.
You and your loved one, overlooking the sea.
The sun setting, your feet feeling the soft sand.
Music playing, exchanging vows, living the Mexican rites:
Tie the Knot, Golden Lucy Coins, Unity Candle, and much more.

A few tears and a few laugh too. A deluxe bucket of champagne waiting full of ice to be enjoyed by you. Your own champagne glasses, decorated specially for you, for the moment. 25 beautiful Pictures taken during the ceremony, Wonderful Commemorative Marriage Certificate . Flowers for Bride and Groom and even your own bite size cake to celebrate the traditional “Bite the Cake” moment. All in our BEACH PACKAGE

RESTRICTIONS: We can conduct your Wedding Ceremony at the best Villas, Hotels and Restaurants of Puerto Vallarta. There are incredible gardens and beautiful spots in every one of them. Some Villas, some Hotels and Wedding Agencies however, use their own suppliers of cake, champagne and flowers. Also there are certain fees for the right of use their beautiful grounds that are truly worth paying. Gratuities to the Villa staff and Hotel staff are customary too and expected too. Naturally we will follow their policies with respect of use of their grounds, supplying of food and beverages and will offer as much as they would allow us to offer to you. In any case, the use of those magnificent gardens and incredibly beautiful areas makes it really worth it the little extra charge. One way or another, your moment has to be extra special and we can help you plan it to the best of your advantages and within your own budget.

The following Legal Warning may prove to be very helpful to avoid that unscrupulous phonies may try to surprise you: According to the Mexican Law, No Minister, Priest or Rabbi can legally marry you in Mexico. Much less a foreign Minister that can not operate outside his her proper jurisdiction or LEGAL TERRITORY. If in US or Canada a judge or a minister can’t marry you on a different county, state or province, just imagine him doing it outside of the legal territory and outside the country its self with no authority whatsoever from the visited country. Don’t you think it is kind of weird he or she would offer to marry you legally outside the legal limits of his or her jurisdiction and in a country that FORBIDS religious ministers or priests to marry any one legally? BE CAREFUL with this so called “ministers” operating in such an illegal manner.

Especially when the legality of your marriage can be seriously jeopardized. In the same way it is forbidden for a Minister, Rabbi or Priest to “arrange” or “validate” any marriage license issued by any other country nor by this country to become valid outside of Mexico. In Mexico Legal and Religious are 2 different subjects and they can never be the same nor treated as one. On the other hand, no Registrar Clerk nor Justice of Peace can perform any Religious Ceremonies of any kind because this are not official acts for which they have been appointed. Further more: according to the Law of Religious Associations at its -Title 4th Section 25, third 3rd paragraph: “The authorities can not officially participate in any religious or public act nor activities of that kind”. Other that those for what they have been appointed. They will perform only the civil part of matrimony. Be aware of unlawful offers that may appear to good to be truth and stay with a true professional recommended by the best establishments as well as Consulates from other countries and all of the local Government Agencies: You may want to check too at the following legal informative pages: If you need to print a copy of the whole Law of Religious Acts as well as the Law for General Population you can find it at:
Official Mexican Government Site:
Mexican Laws in English Site:
Questions about legal matters may be directed to: Lic. Lem C. García.
Minister Lucy

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