Keep Your Viewers Watching Your Tourism Hotel Video

Keep Your Viewers Watching Your Video. Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja California Sur, Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Video views are king.

Content is King

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

Tell a great story

Your target audience is a sucker for a good story. We all are.

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

There are massively successfully consumer-driven industries feeding our society’s appetite for good stories. Our drive to listen to stories is driven by our nature to connect.

Make me feel

We constantly seek ‘feeling’ experiences, which good stories deliver. A poor quality story that misses the mark does nothing for us. We lament poor narratives in films, and praise the most intriguing ones.

What makes good stories work? Well-crafted plots appeal to the right brain.

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

We feel as our emotions are triggered by an adventure. Good stories are powerful and effective; the audience gets hooked and invests themselves then awaits the payoff at the end.

Make it Flow Predictably

Plot matters in video.
Consider the narrative when investing in a video. A story, or narrative plot, is essentially the sequence of events delivered strategically.

A story starts with the introduction, then rising action and ends with the climax with resolution. The formula works – Hollywood continues to make money hand over fist.

Now, onto how you apply story to video.

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

Hook ‘Em at the Start You have 10 seconds

Start with a hook, give your message, and finally finish with the prize.

The number one request I hear from new clients is ‘we want to avoid using a talking head video’. We do not want a boring video of just someone talking to the camera the whole time.

Set up the story at the start. Show your audience what they will get out of viewing your video – they’re trading their time by giving your video their attention, and time is precious. In the first 5-10 seconds, the audience should know what the topic is and what they will receive. The viewer wants to know that you’re a trustworthy authority on the topic.

Have Style. Keep it Interesting

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

Audiences love good story telling as it lets us shed our responsibilities for a time and live an alternate life.

Make it Impressionable – yet honest.

Video should not take effort to view. Make your story easy to understand. There is a reason entertaining films stick to clichés.

Videos That Get Results

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

We have short attention spans, and we don’t have a ton of time to learn.

Keep it short. No more than 30 seconds of video, where you have to present your case clearly and succinctly.

Let the work shine through. Get the idea across quickly, be attractive, original, clear, and do not be boring.

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

Focus on the service, illustrate it well—and save the vaunting for your fans.

Do not let creativity stop at the video; let it shine in every component of your product, including your logo, site, design, and creative.

If you can not capture my imagination in the first 30 seconds of your case film, how the hell did you capture the attention of your client’s customers. That is a precious position to achieve; make sure your video shows that you merit it.

Do you have your video marketing strategy in place?

Choosing A Video Production Company

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

Video Photo Productions

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Video Production Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

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