Increase Your Video Film IQ Series Part 10 Video & Photo Learning

Increase Your Video Film IQ Series Part 10 Video & Photo Learning

Part 1 Videography Learning – Part 2 Photography Learning

Part 1 Videography Learning

The Beat

Dan Watson

4K Shooters

CineFix Channel

Video & Film Maker

Indi Film Hustle

How to Calibrate a Monitor

Red Shark

Pro Video Coalition

Explaining Sony’s XAVC Codec’s – XAVC-I, XAVC-L and XAVC-S


X-Rite Color Calibration

To Film School or Not To Film School: Crash Course Film Production

JVC Pro Product

Panasonic Broadcast, Cinema & Pro Video

Movie Maker


My Sony Professional Channel

Sony | Camera Channel

This New YouTube Channel Is a Free Masterclass in Film Editing

KINETEK Tutorial on Cinematography

Why Frame Rate Matters

Cine Digital TV (Spanish)

How To Make A Documentary That The BBC Will Buy

Produce Content Better. Smarter. Together. The world’​s leading video, photo, TV & film production management software

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

How to Make a Documentary

Taste of Cinema

YouTube wants to make it easier for creators to make money while fighting copyright claims

Youtube Help


The Vimeo Blog Video School Channel

Part 2 Photography Learning

DxO Mark Photo Cameras & Lens Performance. The Reference for Image Quality

Digital Photography School

Camera Basics – Focal Length

Lens Rumors

Canon Rumors

Nikon Rumors

Sony Alpha Rumors

Fuji Rumors

43 Rumors – Panasonic and Olympus Digital Camera News


DSLR Filmmaking: Make Your Filmmaking or Video Cinematic

Camera Times Camera News, Rumors & Deals on Camera Times

Peta Pixel Photography Podcast

Daily Camera News

Sony Alpha Channel

Sony Artisan

SLR Lounge

Dylan Bennett Learn About Photography and Video

Apalapse Photography Education

Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras & Lenses Rumors

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