Ideas to Jumpstart Your Video Marketing Strategy

9 Content Ideas to Jumpstart Your Video Marketing Strategy

By Erin Richards-Kunkel, Published September 25, 2013

Videos are one of the greatest pieces in your content and social media marketing puzzle. Branded videos and video ads are currently one of the most engaging forms of content. In June of 2013 alone, Americans watched a record 20 billion video ads, according to comScore. Additionally, 92% of mobile users share videos (Invodo) and 75% of online video viewers have interacted with an online video ad in the past month. (Tremor Video). YouTube, one of the biggest (and often ignored) social media platforms, reaches more 18-34 year olds than any TV network.

However, many brands shy away from video content due to the perceived costs associated with the production and editing that often come along with “commercial” style video campaigns.

But even if your brand doesn’t have the ability to produce video campaigns like big budget companies like Coca Cola or Dove, you don’t have to empty your marketing budget for a single video. Great video is dependent on content, and if your video has good content, it will draw eyes. Here are several ideas for how to produce a series of recurring videos that will engage, inform and keep your customers coming back for more while keeping within your marketing budget.

1. Customer Testimonials

One of the easiest and most basic video idea is to showcase actual customers. Interview happy customers via video and ask them about their experiences and why they would recommend your business to others. You can showcase these video testimonials on your website as well as your YouTube channel. Watching a video testimonial is not only more engaging, but also earns more trust with potential customers.

2. Employee Spotlights

Video can be a medium to not only showcase your business, products and services, but also can help attract talent to your company. Showcase your company by highlighting great employees. Have a funny project manager? Interview them and show them around the office, talking and working. Employee spotlights can be done on executive and leadership members, but also for standout employees in internal divisions. Showcasing star employees shows that your company appreciates its team members and cultivates a great team environment for them.

3. How to and tutorials

Take a page out of Home Depot’s book and offer simple tutorials or how tos. These can be anything related to your industry and can offer a range of simple to more complicated topics and tasks. Home Depot has several ongoing series of how-to and DIY videos that show 10-minute segments broken down into shorter clips 1-2 minutes each on home improvement, home and lawn care, inspiration, DIY projects and more. Think about your industry and what questions people might have and simple ways to answer and demonstrate them.

4. Vlog

A great way to build up regular video content is to have a vlog or video blog. Just like your company blog, a vlog can be about your industry, current topics, commentary, takeaways, tips, how-tos and more. Think about a topic for your vlog and then plan segments that deal with specific issues. Your vlog can demonstrate how-tos and tips or it can be a panel between 3-4 people in your company discussing a trending topic. Use your vlog as a complement to your blog and what topics will translate the best to video.

5. Case studies and projects

Showcase your work via video. Plan a video progression of a project and take shots during development and its progress. interview a project manager or team leader on what they accomplished, challenges they overcame and why the project is successful.

6. Thought Leader Interviews

Make your company and your leadership team thought leaders in your industry by interviewing already established movers and shakers. Arrange to do short video interviews with other thought leaders and visionaries in your field. These video interviews can be conducted online (via Google Hangouts which can be recorded, or by recording a Skype interview with Quicktime or another screen recording option). Have interviews be topical and timely to relate to what is newsworthy and trending in your industry.

7. Around the Office/ Office Culture/ Company Ethics

Explore the more fun side of your office with regular video that shows that your office is not just work, but a community. Do you have a special charity that you partner with? Did members of your office do a recent cancer walk? Showcase those special events and feel-good moments that audiences will enjoy. Shoot a special happy birthday video for an employee and add it to your channel. Do you operate by a special ethics like using only organic or sustainable materials? Make some videos about why that’s important and how you stick to your principles. These types of videos not only give a face and a personality to your brand, but they further align your company with ethics and standards that customers will appreciate.

8. Events

Add to your video content by capturing highlights, great moments and interviews from live events. You can do a highlight video of your company at the event, or if you are hosting, do a whole series with interviews of attendees and of features of the event itself.

9. User Generated Videos

Ask your audience to participate and submit their own videos. Host a video challenge for a giveaway or contest. Have users do an interview, challenge or make a simple video on Instagram, Vine, or YouTube. Having fans submit self-made videos is not only great content, but increases trust in your brand and is a great boost for engagement and community building.

With these ideas, even small brands and businesses can start producing compelling videos that will reach a whole new audience as well as go far on their already established platforms.

What are your favorite videos that businesses create? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @ErinSRichards.


Erin Richards-Kunkel is the Director of Social Media for Excelerate Media. She works with both established and emerging brands to develop dynamic and fully integrated social media presences that connect and engage with target audiences while telling the story behind the brand.

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