How Hotels & Resorts Market Online

Destination Visibility: How Hotels & Resorts Market Online

Soon, video in travel will become a pre-requisite to sell online

If you are marketing a travel business to consumers, it likely has a visual story. Video is a must.

Video Solutions for Web Service Providers

Captures customer experiences through authentic, unscripted interviews that build trust and credibility

Compliments traditional PR methods with videos that are journalistic in tone in order to establish credibility and drive media interest.

Engaging and unscripted videos that provide clients with the opportunity to deliver a personal message to potential customers in their own style and tone.

Either scripted with a professional voiceover or interview-driven to deliver a positive first impression and drive higher conversion.

With the constant expansion of online marketing, hotels and resorts have quickly discovered the impact that video can have on the amount of guests in their rooms and most importantly, on their bottom line.

One of the most viral and engaging means to market to visitors is through the use of online video. Watching a video of a hotel before checking in has such great value. The travel industry has been leading other industries in how it leverages rich media with consumer facing sites becoming richer and richer with video to attract and retain the online travel consumer. Video has also been reported as increasing conversion rates by up to 85%. But as online video moves from being the exception to the norm more innovative marketing and spend will be required. Here we introduce video marketing as a tool for hotels and resorts to increase awareness, generate buzz and boost bookings.

The explosion of the social web puts your customer in control, a key reason why it has taken off so quickly. Consumers trust other consumers more than they trust you – and when it comes to content, video is no different to text or photos.

When booking trips, tourists heavily rely on fellow travelers’ ratings and reviews to help them make their holiday decisions. As many as 87% of people who read positive reviews are more apt to stay or visit a destination vii as opposed to not having any reviews to find, period. With this in mind, offering video testimonials of visitors that have stayed at your hotel are even more effective than written ones. If you combine the effectiveness of reviews with the fact that videos have a 41% higher click through rate than their plain text counterparts, video is definitely the way to go. Clearly there is a huge opportunity here as tourism is experiential and video allows experiences to be shared in a much more engaging way than either text or photos viii.

Travelers today use social media to get the real, authentic, unvarnished, unedited preview of what to expect. (Barbara Messing, TripAdvisor). In 2011 it was found that 50 million social reviews were created in TripAdvisor for 495,000 rated hotels. This also displays the power of social media engagement for hotels. The social media world has become a place where user-generated hotel reviews and resort suggestions are spread across friendships in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and other travel-related guides and networks.

This shows that even singular hotel chains largely benefit from video marketing on any platform. In fact, as the Young Hotelier vi suggests, it will be a mix of video and social engagement (i.e. sharing the videos through social networks) that attracts the customers’ attention.

Social Media & Video Marketing go hand in hand

Social media has made a significant impact on the way brands in the travel industry communicate, engage and connect with their visitors. It is quickly becoming a vital tool and is dramatically impacting how consumers make their travel decisions. Travelers are able to share their experiences with not only text and photos, but also video reviews.

Introducing Video Marketing for Accommodation Services

Hotel and tourism industries are embracing digital marketing methods wholeheartedly. Many hotels and resorts are using authentic, compelling and informative video content to entice travelers and truly convey the holiday experience to online visitors. Offering a video of your hotel or destination can be what sets you apart from other accommodation services and drives your bookings. Video conveys visual and emotional touch points, which are present in almost every travel offering. With the constant expansion of Internet advertising, hotel and resorts have quickly discovered the impact that online promotion with video can have on the amount of guests in their rooms. Here are some brief highlights.

With a well-designed and easy to navigate website, a few video tours of your hotel or resort and a visual profile of your business, you could definitely see an increase in bookings and negate the need for reduced-priced booking sites like Hotwire, which directly commission from your hotel rooms that are vacant during hot times of the year.

Video Marketing Helps the Accommodation Industry

What are consumers looking for when they book a hotel? The average visitor is seeking value and cleanliness, which is easy to describe yet hard to prove without graphic evidence. Posting a video via Flickr or YouTube, or embedded on your website gives added value to the descriptive words used to describe the hotel rooms and features. People greatly prefer watching video over reading text for its ability to engage and this spans just about every industry.
When it comes to engagement, online video is 5.33 times more effective than text. In fact, site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% closer to purchase (Comscore).

Video conveys visual and emotional touch points, which are present in almost every travel offering

Hotel and Resort Marketing Research Notes
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