Great Video Yes But Key Words Critical Too

Great Video Yes, But Key Words Critical Too!

April 29, 2013

At tvkevin productions we put as much effort into what we say as we do what we shoot.

We have to because the great story of your business can’t be searched online by someone just trying to guess what words describe your video. That’s too much work for them. And it’s hit or miss at best. Not a good business strategy!

For us, coming up with creative titles for your business videos is equal parts creative brainstorming and smart SEO and user intent strategy.

Take for example the video I’ve added to this page. We produced it for one of our great clients, SEA LIFE Arizona. It’s a totally fun video that shows an underwater wedding at SEA LIFE Arizona’s Tempe location.

Once we produced the video we started thinking about key words for marketing the clip online. We tried a couple of different titles — and got a modest return on video views.

We wanted to do better for Merlin Entertainment, SEA LIFE Arizona’s parent company.

After putting a little more strategic thought into it we settled on ‘Best Wedding Proposal Ever’. I’m glad we did. It was a viral hit! It rocked YouTube, racking up more than 700,000 page views — and still counting!

The thing to remember, when watching this particular clip, is that all of the eyeballs behind those 700,000 video views — every last one of them sees the very same thing right off the top; the SEA LIFE Arizona logo. There’s no guessing for the customer about who’s business is represented in the clip.

I’ll wrap up this blog by re-stating what I said off the top. We’re about more than just video. We’re about strategic digital marketing. And we want to help your business. Under water or on dry ground! Give us a call at 888-983-3907.

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