Goals for your online video marketing

Setting goals for your online video marketing

Brett / September 26 2013

One advantage of online video marketing is that it is very measurable. Whether looking at time spent watching the video, the number of views and conversion tracking there will be a metric and a method to measure the success of your web video production. But this analysis and these statistics won’t determine the success or failure of your video or video campaign: that can only be determined by the goals you set.

Like other digital marketing activity, your online video will probably have a number of different aims. Some marketing will build brand, other activities will lead to sales. With video, the number of options is even wider. Video may support customer service, or increase social media activity which in turn can support search engine optimisation activity.

Whilst lots of business would like a ‘Gangnam style’ viral success, for most SMEs and organisations the wins will be smaller but much just as important – but these small wins will be measured against your targets, goals and KPIs.

Some video will be able to achieve a number of targets. The video may be used to build brand as well as increase engagement and sharing. A video might convert sales but also support search engine optimisation. So, whilst planning videos, decide on your aims both for the campaign overall and for individual video. Set goals and determine which distribution methods will support these aims.

One of the advantages of video is that it has a long shelf life: it can be used across different platforms and be re-used again and again. So the goals for a video can change across time.

Measuring conversions is perhaps the easiest way to measure the ROI investment but there are ‘softer’ goals that can also bring long term benefit: measurements of sharing and influence will help build a brand and gain a competitive advantage. Customer service videos can reduce the amount of time your team spend in reactive work in dealing with complaints and post-sales, saving money and ensuring the better allocation of resources and staff – difficult to measure but invaluable for any organisation.

We believe an experienced digital marketing agency can help with overall strategy and goal setting, as well as helping create the compelling content that will bring success to your video marketing.


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