Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding Planners

Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding Planners. Destination wedding  Puerto Vallarta.

Destination weddings are becoming more fashionable for many reasons. A destination wedding appeals to both those who want to run away and get married on a beach and those who want to share an extraordinary celebration and vacation in paradise with family and all your friends.

A Wedding Planner?

A bridal consultant is an acknowledged expert in the field of weddings; versed in style, etiquette and coordination. They understand the dynamics of a wedding and provide attention to the myriad of details involved. It’s a good idea to add a little more to your budget for a wedding planner to make sure you are doing things right, especially when your are having your wedding in another country with a different culture and language.

Why is it beneficial to hire a wedding planner for your wedding?

• TIME – According to the Association of Bridal Consultants, the average bride spends a minimum of 150 hours planning her wedding. That’s a lot of time, especially in today’s chaotic world, where couples have many other important commitments to think about.

• MONEY – A wedding planner can be a smart move economically. If we know your budget, we can help you stick to it using the best vendors that best suit your requirements. Planners can get better prices from their vendors because they give their vendors repeat business and a local coordinator knows which vendors to use and which ones not to use.

• CONVENIENCE – Planners can be of great service if you are not living in the place where your going to get married. A planner who is very familiar with and living in Puerto Vallarta can do the legwork and guarantee all your reservations and arrangements are set. Wedding planners also act as troubleshooters and are generally aware of things that are easy to overlook.

• ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS – A planner can help your vision become a reality and provide the special attention to the specific needs for your wedding. As a wedding consulting company, our main goal is to direct and assist you in making sensible decisions about your wedding. Once you have expressed your wedding wishes to us, we evaluate, plan and organize your special day!
Here’s what we normally do for every wedding …

During the Planning Phase …

• Assist in Wedding Location search (providing best location suggestions, booking location, provide any catering information for that location, detailed ceremony and reception layout or blueprint of your wedding set up at that location)

• Booking of Ceremony Officiate (weather non-denominational, legal, catholic or Commitment ceremony)

• Flowers and Decoration Arrangements (for ceremony and reception, showing options and prices, make arrangements)

• Wedding Cake Arrangements (provide picture samples of styles and flavors available)

• Photography Arrangements (providing selection of different best local photographers for you to choose and make the arrangements)

• Video Arrangements (providing packages, samples and prices, make arrangements)

• Music Arrangements (for ceremony, cocktail and reception, provide ideas, best local options, arrangements)

• Transportation Arrangements (providing best options and prices based on your needs)

• Additional Services (arrangements for any additional services agreed, if applicable)

• Reception Arrangements (suggestions of best catering options and prices, provide menus and bar prices for villa weddings)

• Rehearsal Dinner Arrangements (if required, menus and prices available)

• Creation of Wedding Itinerary (Provide detailed schedule for your wedding day, during final planning phase, Itinerary listed separately)

• Finalize Services and Itinerary (always finalized before you leave for Mexico for your wedding, so you can “arrive, relax” and not worry about ANYTHING!!!)

• Arrival Meeting (review wedding schedule, pending payments, run-through of wedding day activities)

• Ceremony Rehearsal (with bride and groom, coordinator and bridal party at ceremony location, when requested or required)

• Personal Wedding Account (provide access to your personal wedding login page to track services and master Itinerary, as well as members area for vendor’s samples, packages and pricing information)
And On the Wedding Day …

• Direct and Supervise wedding service providers and vendors setting up on-site ceremony and reception areas

• Direction and Supervision of ceremony and reception activities (from ceremony processional, cake cutting and first dances)

Members Website
We provide a complete planning service and quick planning solution with the aid of our member’s website.
We have compiled all the options from the best wedding vendors in Puerto Vallarta in a special website filled with information, sample photos, music clips, menus, packages and prices. Choose from a wide variety of vendors for your wedding, hundreds of sample photos of flowers, cakes and decorations. Sample music clips from the musicians we recommend for your ceremony, cocktail and reception. See samples and package prices from our best photographers.

How do we do all this?
All correspondence throughout the planning process is done on-line and via email to create a foolproof plan for your wedding day. Access to the member’s website is available upon reservation deposit for your wedding date with a personal coordinator. Consultations by telephone are also welcome.

To book your wedding coordinator, a deposit is required to initiate the process. To book restaurants and villas, deposits are also required. Upon deposit for your coordinator, you will receive access to our members area website to further help you in the planning.

About Locations – Learn more about locations by first getting to know the Banderas Bay region and it’s surrounding cities and towns, as well as the types of wedding sites and accommodations you have to choose from in those areas. There are many different styles and settings from rustic to ultra modern or a mix of both, so whatever your preference, your wedding can be exactly what you’ve always dreamed of. To get right down to searching for a wedding location, close this box and click
LOCATIONS in the menu bar to search the locations by type, event capacity and region. These are the best wedding friendly locations from the North at San Pancho Nayarit to the South to Careyes Jalisco. They include private villas, hotels, restaurants and event only venues.

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