Excuses Why Your Business is Not Using Video Marketing

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How to Overcome the Top 8 Excuses Why Your Business is Not Using Video Marketing

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A recent survey of hundreds of marketing and sales managers reveals a slew of excuses as to why many businesses have not embraced video marketing. Most marketing professionals seem not to understand it, don’t know how to begin using it, and don’t quite see the value in video marketing.

Of all of the types of marketing premium content used, for most businesses, video marketing is the most difficult to execute. Marketing and sales managers seem to feel video marketing is more difficult than other marketing outlets like news releases, articles, newsletters and webinars. The report states. “when it comes to deciding on the types of premium content to use for marketing purposes, “fast and easy” often trumps effectiveness.”

Video marketing can be used on web sites, through e-mail, webinars, social media channels, video platforms and landing pages.

So what are the challenges and obstacles facing most marketers? Here are the top eight (8) excuses why your business is not using video marketing, and how you can get past the challenge. Get over it, yo!

Creating compelling content (46%). Most marketers just don’t know what the heck to video. In addition, many business owners and employees seems to be nervous to get in front of the camera. So what content is best for your business? In your videos, you can feature business owners, employees, customers, products, peeks behind-the-scenes, and how-to’s. If you have a business objective or customer service goal, make a video about it! And your best video content may be customer-produced. MORE: 8 Video Marketing Tips for Newbies

Lack of budget for video (41%). Thinking that producing video content is costly is sooo 2007. Most viewers are more than okay with video content produced on hand-held smart phones and Go-Pro cameras. In fact, shorter videos, ones that are spontaneously produced by business workers and customers using their smart phones, are watched more and shared more often.

Attributing ROI to video (36%). Getting a return on your investment of time, money and effort is vital to your video marketing efforts. Marketers struggle with measuring ROI for many online marketing outlets, and video marketing is no exception. The good news is there are now valuable online tools available that will track online marketing analytics, which measure the patterns and habits of online customer behavior. Whether it’s tracking viewers, visitors, followers and fans or figuring out how effectively online followers are converting into paying customers, measuring ROI has become much clearer. MORE: How Effective is Your Social Media Marketing? Use C=A+R+E

Lack of in-house resources (34%). Another obstacle is now being “leveled” by the advance of technology. Your business’ employees, customers and vendors will prove to be your biggest and most valuable resources in collecting and distributing your video marketing content. Low-cost and easily accessible video options, including smart phones, tablets and other video recorders, has made video recording almost ubiquitous in our techno-obsessed culture.

Lack of effective strategy (28%). The video marketing strategy for some businesses seems cloudy at best, as some marketers seem to still be confused on how to use video effectively. It seems what to video, where to post, how to make it interactive are all perplexing questions faced by many marketers. The goal of video marketing is to create emotional connection with your customers and answer questions they may have about your business, products and/or services. The key is to find out what your customers need, and what will make their interaction with you more valuable, and make videos about it. MORE: 5 Ways Your Business Can Use Online Video.

Producing studio-quality video (25%). Sure you can pay to use a video studio, camera people, producers, and any other expenses to produce studio-quality videos, and in some cases like webinars, product displays, or how-to videos, that’s what you may need to produce what you’re looking for. But most of your video marketing will be using video produced at low-cost and effort. Hand-held smart phones can produce amazing “capture-the-moment” videos that people are consuming more and more multiple times a day. Low-cost add-on equipment like smart phone tripods and dolly’s can empower you to take your video marketing to even greater creative heights.

Distributing video content (20%). It’s hard to digest that some marketers are challenged with where to market business-produced videos, since there are numerous and varied outlets available. It seems more likely that the marketing struggles are focused on how to distribute video content, in terms of the number of outlets and the frequency and reach of video marketing efforts. The key to solving any video distribution questions is to find out where your customers and prospects are spending most of their online time and post your videos and micro-videos there. MORE: 7 Tips on How Your Business Can Use Social Media to Finally Know Its Customers

Lack of management buy-in (11%). It actually seems encouraging that lack of management buy-in is at the bottom of the list. If the owners or managers of your business don’t yet understand the value and effectiveness of video marketing, they need to take an online “field trip” and see how other businesses, and especially their top competitors, are using video marketing. The research is more than convincing, as more and more people are consuming more and more online video much more frequently.

What are the biggest challenges or obstacles your business faces when considering video marketing?
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