Even a social networking Linkedin Savvy video strategies are riding the wave of the new norm for 2021.

Puerto Vallarta Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Strategy Video Production Consultant Riviera Nayarit

Even a social networking Linkedin Savvy video strategies are riding the wave of the new norm for 2021.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

We all are doing campaigns strategies despite the lock-down or reduced activities.

Video relevancy during the lock down and touched the audience in the way a brand should be communicating.

Good original content on TV, closure of Cinemas as well as outdoor activities, has just made video content that much more appealing during the lockdown.

Even a social networking Linkedin that focuses on the corporate world and corporate content is promoting as a platform video content.

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Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

The average consumer watches more than an hour and a half of online video content per day.

Video strategy statistics are there to prove it, video still a vast untapped resource that most corporate do not take full advantage of.

Video Boosts Brand Awareness.

Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

Video makes it easy for your customers to digest information and recall your brand.

Video appears in more than 10% of internet search results, therefore your potential clients are already seeing video in their searches.

If your business or product is not represented in this 10%, you are missing a powerful opportunity to get your brand in front of a big chunk of audience.

Photos have already proven extensive growth in engagement… imagine what video can do for your business!

Video viewers stay on a site twice as long and visit twice as many pages versus those who do not. Videos are also easily shared and further increases your potential audience reach.

Video content, as well as online streaming content are consistently increasing.

Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

Videos appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and that viewers are anywhere are more likely to take action after watching a video.

The popularity of video marketing has also gone hand-in-hand with social media.

Youtube and Snapchat to Facebook and Instagram, these platforms are helping many people and brands become stars and build brand value, while giving the audience original content.

Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

Video is a highly effective and evocative form of content which is driving the shift of content marketing to video streaming.

Videos are rapidly becoming consumers’ favourite and preferred type of content to see from a brand on social media.

Storytelling and updating itself as often as relevant and entertaining or engaging to the consumer. Storytelling, the evocative communication is possible, only with the video format.

The video engages the user and evokes those emotions conducive to provoking the desire to take action.

Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

There is no better time to introduce a video strategy to inspire customers. It is also important to remember that publishing a video is not the last step in the process.

If a professional, high quality video production is what you’re looking for…. There’s no substitute for expertise. Professional production considers all aspects of the end result.

We produce videos for Realtors, Hotels, Hospitals, restaurants, tours, attractions and regions throughout Mexico.


Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

We offer a full video production service designed to beat your competitors, including: Full video service from pre-production to image acquisition to studio post production.

MARKET RESEARCH (methodology)

Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com


Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

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Emotionally charged, creative video can be spread on the Internet in a matter of days, getting millions of views.

Do you Play Chess with a Strategy or a Marketing plan?

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Tourism Hotel Marketing Video Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

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Who is your target audience?
What buyer persona are you targeting? This may be a segment of your company’s typical buyer persona.

What is the goal?
Increase brand awareness? Sell more event a new product? Ultimately, what do you want your audience to do after watching the video?

Where is the video going to be used?
Behind a landing page form? Re-purposing videos for other channels is great, but you should begin with one target location in mind where you know your audience will discover the video.

When is the due date?
What is the timeline. A video you have a few months to work on will have very a different budget and creative scope than a video someone needed yesterday.

What is the budget?
Simply put, video can be expensive. Do your research and set realistic parameters, especially before you dream too big on the next question.

What are the creative requirements?
Do you need a designer to create lower third graphics? Are you going to create an animated video or a live action video?

What will constitute success for the video?
Choose several key performance indicators that correspond with your video goals.

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