Get the Most out of Video Marketing

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Get the Most out of Video Marketing

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

by Meagan Sutton

Video is proving to be one of the most influential marketing features in 2013. This method of engagement can be more useful for your customers by enhancing visuals, but it also has great benefits for your global marketing operations.

More for Your Dollar

Video is one of the most efficient marketing techniques when it comes to cost. According to a study by eMarketer where featured articles and white papers were found to have high returns, “video was also a content strategy cited by 51.9 percent of marketers for having among the best ROI.”

Optimizing your website and global marketing campaigns with video could increase your overall return, but it’s not as easy as writing content. The same study by eMarketer stated that marketers also reported video as expensive and more challenging to create. If necessary, make sure your developers and global campaign management account for these extra costs.

Visual Content

Creating value for consumers is important to stay ahead in the market. Audiovisuals present your expertise in a more engaging manner, adding uniqueness and a higher quality to your service.

This type of content can help consumers make more informed decisions about your product or service. A study by Unruly Media states, “video enjoyment increased purchase intent by 97 percent and brand association by 139 percent.” Displaying functionality and usage of a product in a video helps to increase buyers’ understanding and boost purchasing comfort.

Boost Your SEO

Getting those top search engine rankings isn’t always easy, but optimizing your video can help.

To benefit your SEO strategy, the written content surrounding your video should be short and informative. Here is where you can insert relevant keywords into titles, descriptions, captions and tags. Adding a share button also extends your digital presence. Let viewers do the promotion for you.

One of the most important global marketing services to install here is tracking analytics. See who is sharing your video so you can optimize your targeting strategy.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

Video content is engaging and interactive – if you can understand it.

Even if you’ve taken the translation and localization measures necessary to take your website international, if the videos on your site or campaign aren’t translated, multilingual markets can be left in the dust.

Put your best foot forward with video localization and keep these markets engaged. Depending on budget and necessary time to market, best practices include subtitles, text-to-speech (TTS) translation and translated voice-overs.

Interested in keeping your video content up to speed with your localized website? Contact us today to learn more about how our cost-efficient Rapid Video Translation & Localization solution can get your videos to market faster.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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