Engagement Strong For Made-for-Web Video Content

Ad Engagement Relatively Strong For Made-for-Web Video Content
May 20, 2013 by MarketingCharts staff

Made-for-web content performs just as well as repurposed TV content when it comes to ad engagement, according to research from Tremor Video. The study, named “Upfront, NewFront, Nupfront,” compared ad metrics for 5 publishers that repurpose TV content on the web with 4 made-for-web content publishers during the first quarter of the year, finding the click-through rates for the repurposed TV content (1.11%) and for the made-for-web content (1.09%) to be evenly matched. Engagement rates were also similar, with made-for-web content (2.72%) slightly ahead of repurposed TV content (2.68%).

Late last year, a study by Jun Group that focused on opt-in video ads found repurposed TV ads to have an average engagement rate of 3.65%, compared to a below-average engagement rate of 3.27% for made-for-web content.

Returning to the Tremor Video data, the researchers note that completion rates for ads run during repurposed TV content were about 10% higher than for ads shown during made-for-web content (91% vs. 83%). While demographics weren’t much of a factor in ad engagement rates, publisher and player size were the key drivers for ads during both repurposed TV content and made-for-web content.

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