Destination Wedding Puerto Vallarta Comment

Destination Wedding Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Comment

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Dear Ray, we received a video. You were right when you said that I will like it even more than Sabina’s! I am impressed! All of us are. We had a big party last night watching this video and everyone complemented your work. You recorded all the details, every little thing with such care and love. If I were a videographer, I would not be able to do a better job myself! I like how you smoothed out some details and also the way how you organized the order of events. Such a professionalism! The quality is amazing! Ray, please post my this email as a review on your website. Also, if you need a reference for your future clients, please feel free to refer them to us at any time. My both daughters and I will be happy! My phone # just in case: 415-XXX-XX89.

Thank you very-very much!

Everyone sends you a hello.

Best wishes,


Hi Ray,

Mom forwarded me the video. Thank you so much! It looks awesome. I already sent it to all my friends and they loved it. You captured all the perfect moments of me, my mom, my sisters, husband, etc. I love it!

Thank you,

Recap Kamilla & David

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Destination Weddings Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit
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