Convince Your Boss to Invest in Online Video Marketing

5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Online Video Marketing

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Chances are if you landed on this post you know the importance of having video as part of your marketing mix. It’s probably also not 100% up to you what you can and cannot invest in. We’ll here are 5 convincing facts to present to your boss about why your company needs to invest in online video:

1. Video drives purchasing behavior
A helpful, informative video that can explain how your product or services works, why it does what it does and overall helpful information about your product, service or industry will increase the odds of a user buying from you.

2. Video helps with your websites SEO
Video embedded on your website, especially a YouTube video will increase the odds of your website showing up for a related search. Videos are a preferred metric of content consumption and because search engines are in the business of delivering helpful, high quality information it just makes sense a video gets rewarded with a higher position in search. Of course with all things SEO, this isn’t 100% always that case.

3. User generated video can be just as effective as professional video
Sometimes you’ll need high quality video to represent your brand and your company. But many times a user generated video with a smartphone can do the trick. The key is to have GREAT content. A useful video could be a30 second tip could be “how to do _____.” The key after you have a video with great content will be how to market it. This is where you could invest in.

4. Video = higher engagements
Some call YouTube the biggest social media outlet on the web. It’s the 2nd biggest search engine and has tons of users and video. And that is just one area to post videos on line. In fact, on Facebook , it has been reported that users who have a post with a video have 100% more engagement than those without video. Engagement includes comments, sharing and likes.

5. Video facts by the numbers

• 87 % of online marketers use video content…so if you don’t you’re behind
• 30 second in-stream video ads have a completion rate of 88.3%
• 75% of executives watch work related videos at least once per week
• 1/3rd of ALL online activity is spent watching online video
• 90% of users who watch a video about a product or service state it is helpful in increasing their odd of making a decision to buy

So, here you have it. Next time you speak to your boss, feel free to bring up some of these points and make video part of your marketing mix in 2014. Contact ConnectDP to help make that vision become a reality.

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