Convention, Trade show Video Productions. You only have 10 seconds to….

Convention, Trade show Video Productions. You only have 10 seconds to….

Trade show success is all about getting noticed and letting people know how you can solve their problem. You only have 10 seconds to grab the attention of visitors as they walk by. A trade show is an ideal way of showcasing your products and services to a large number of prospects all at the one location and at the same time. Make sure your video builds recognition, communicates what you do, gives you credibility and gets people wanting to talk to you.

It only has seconds to grab the attention of weary passers-by. It has to make itself heard by using exciting visuals, upbeat music and appealing titles. And it has to be interesting enough to hold people’s attention for longer than a couple of seconds, so that messages get understood.

Best is by keeping the video to a length of four minutes or less, the area around your television screen inviting. You can arrange a little alcove to watch your video. Comfy chairs are set out, as well as a coffee table with mints. Do what you can to give attendees the opportunity to watch your video. Trade show videos are specialized promotional tools that must be adapted to their unique environment.

How important it is to have a highly visible trade show stand that represents your company and instantly tells passers-by what it is you do. The main purpose of a marketing video is to create awareness of a product or service. It talks about your point of differentiation.

It can be easy to dismiss giveaway items as a waste of money. However, the reality is that they do increase awareness of your company and entice attendees to your booth. Give memory sticks copies of more complete versions of a production or ensemble of segments describing multiple products or services in more details. A nice presentation value pack is harder to throw away then a flyer, business card or a pen.

Many companies understand the power of video to quickly convey their products or service.

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