Content Marketing Must Include Video

Content Marketing Must Include Video.

8 Tips for Using Video Marketing In Your Business.

Posted on January 17, 2014 by Ramon Ray

Faceook has launched video advertising reports the Wall Street Journal.

Big advertisers can place video advertisements in your news feed. Right now it’s about $2 million a day to reach all users. Guess what’s coming next? Video ads for everyone to purchase, very targeted and low cost.

You already new that video was important, now you have yet another excuse to realize how important it is.

You can use video as a lead generation tool to bring traffic to your web site (or other online components).

Here’s a few ways to use video in your business. Why should I know about video? Heck, I was one of the first persons to speak with President Obama in a Google Hangout – doesn’t that make me an expert? (just teasing…)

You have a smart phone. Use it to capture short, video that’s interesting to you and your customers.
Have a smart phone that can capture good video
Buy a dedicated video camera like the Kodak Zii8 and use a shotgun microphone to capture better sound.
Keep the videos short and to the point
Have good audio and good lighting – it is VIDEO
Upload to Youtube and create your own channel

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