Content Frequency or Quality

Which Is More Important? Content Frequency or Quality?

By Dan Newman, Published December 1, 2013

Question: Writing every day or even a few times a week presents a big challenge due to time and sometimes a lack of topics. I have heard that our company should write everyday or even multiple times per day. Is this really the case? Can we focus on writing less frequently but make sure every piece is of great quality?

Ah, the good old frequency vs. quality question.

The great news about this topic is you can ask 5 people and you may get 5 different answers.

When it comes to B2B I’m going to answer in the way that I recommend to my clients.

Put your energy into quality, but just do it often. Make Sense?

I think early on the ability to put out lots of content regardless of quality stemmed an absolute torrential downpour of content.

In fact, this desire to put out volume birthed an industry of copywriters that would write about anything you wanted for as little as 5 or 10 dollars a post.

Of course the content would be complete garbage, but hey, if it helped your search rankings then it was worth it, right?


Your brand is worth way too much to just put out any old crap.

Everything that you publish and associate with your brand should be high quality. It should be informative and it should tell your brand story in a way that aligns with how you would present your organization if you were to do it in person.

So to answer this question in simple terms, here is what I recommend.

Create content as frequently as possible, but never publish anything that isn’t quality
Be careful to share, accept or hire just anyone to put content out on behalf of your company. (Think about how selective you are hiring sales team members. They only speak to a few people a day, your content can reach hundreds or thousands AND it lives forever once it is published!)
Aim to benefit your Target Audience: In B2B, being an authority has more to do with the value of your content than the frequency. (Consider how business books like 7 Habits and How to Win Friends have had an everlasting impact on how people do business)
Never write just to write. It would be like going into a sales meeting with nothing of value to say. Every piece of content must have value.

As you continue your content creating efforts, keep your eye on the ball and write content that matters as often as possible.

Don’t get caught up in the “We have to write everyday thing.” As much as this may help with readership, if the content isn’t worth the readers time it will hurt more than it will help.


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