Business Video Works for Those Who Watch

How B2B Video Works for Those Who Watch [Study]

Chris Atkinson February 4, 2013

We’ve discussed B2B Video quite a bit in the past, and we’ve been able to look at some interesting data concerning the increased usage of B2B video among top companies. Recently, IDG Knowledge Hub posted their findings of a study concerning the background and behavior of those who watch B2B videos, everything from demographics to why they watch the video to what kind of action they’ll take next. Having good knowledge of who your audience is and what you plan to achieve with your videos is huge before creating content, so let’s see what IDG Knowledge Hub found. Hat tip, Brafton.

Who Watches B2B Videos and Why

IDG Knowledge Hub provides an infographic, which I’ll cut up into parts. First off, let’s take a look at who is watching these videos:

As you can see, this skews mostly male, and a little more than half perform in IT, with an average age of 45. So a lot of these people are well ingrained in their job and are often high up: 20% are top IT executives and 31% at least report to a top IT executive. Now, what exactly are these well-entrenched people looking for when they watch these videos?

Basically, people just want to learn how to use the product and stay on top of the current products in the industry. They’re seeking information, how to use the product, whats being said about it. So what is important to remember when making a B2B video is to be informative more than any one thing in which you would want to focus. You want to be an expert in your field and give your audience the impression that you really know your stuff. Providing expert instruction generally raises the value of the product you are trying to sell.

On to purchasing…95% of the B2B tech buyers watch video, and 78% forward, post, or share the video with others. That statistic above all shows how important video is to B2B marketing. So what are the actions taken after they watch the video?

If you’re purely concerned about sales, 42% of people who watch a B2B video purchase a product after seeing the video putting it into action. But there are other important factors, of course. Did the video make them want to learn more? 46% of B2Bers went to investigate the product further, and that leads to future sales and relationships down the line. 25% added the vendor to a short list, which at least means the viewer wants to consider you down the road.
It’s pretty clear that being able to create content that demonstrates knowledge in your field and being able to provide useful information to those with purchasing power in their business is a clear-cut no-brainer. Those who create videos for their business are way more likely to show up on other businesses’ radars. We’d like to thank IDG for their research, you can click here to find more infographics and research.

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