Big with effective video marketing strategies

Think big with effective video marketing strategies
Published on January 30, 2013 by Brafton Editorial

Customers buy products or services from brands they trust, so it’s imperative for companies to discover how to develop loyalty through web marketing initiatives. In many instances, organizations strengthen rapport with new and existing shoppers through compelling marketing collateral, always selling to prospects, but never taking their business for granted.

Professionals look to expand their arsenal of tools to create loyal fan bases, but when it comes to video, brands drop the ball. The problem stems from how sales executives view visual media compared to creative staff members – taking the wrong strategic angle can turn video content into a sales tool, not a relationship builder. Therefore, when looking to foster trust with prospective and current customers, brands must spend significant time developing the right strategy – the production should always take the backseat. Check out Brafton’s white paper on how to create the perfect video marketing strategy.

Video can impact how customers engage with branded content on the web, driving referral traffic, lead generation and conversion. Brafton has reported that Old Spice increased its website traffic by up to 46,525 unique visitors after publishing two video campaigns to its YouTube Channel. People not only watched the clips on YouTube, but they also clicked-through and visited the company’s web page for more information and brand collateral.

Video and travel: The perfect match

According to Google, 90 percent of travelers watch video content online when planning their vacations and trips. More, 75 percent of affluent travelers, 72 percent of business travelers and 45 percent of leisure travelers book plans after viewing online visual media.

Orbitz, one travel company that understands the value of video, recently partnered with the I LOVE NEW YORK tourism to develop a seven-part original video content series on the site featuring stunning footage of the Adirondacks and the Catskills. The videos will include information on hotels, flights and destination activities. The hope is that these videos will drive more travelers to New York State’s stunning landscapes and, by providing travelers with short, beautiful videos beforehand, the campaign gives people a little taste of the Great Outdoors to compel them to book a trip in the immediate future.

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