Best Way to Reach Latin American Audiences

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The Best Way to Reach Latam Audiences

Written by Christopher on September 25, 2013. Posted in Marketing, South America

“If you have ever been stuck in Mexico City traffic where you see the same billboard for 30 minutes straight (since your car hasn’t moved), you would understand why it is our main advertising tool”, is actually what a Marketing Director told me in a meeting. Yet as much as that statement is truthful given the state of automobile traffic in many Latin American cities, the amount of web traffic flowing through laptops, mobile telephones, and tablets is much greater, and as it turns out per a recent eMarketer survey,it’s the leading source for consumers to get information about new products.

Quick hit from the study: 72% of Mexican respondents found out about new brands and products online.

Ways that Internet Users in Select Countries in Latin America Find Out About New Brands and Products, March 2013
% of respondents
Brazil Mexico Argentina
Internet 80% 72% 68%
TV Advertising 68% 75% 75%
Social Network Sites 57% 43% 45%
From Friends and Family 50% 56% 61%
Magazine Advertising 40% 53% 46%
Entertainment (TV) 40% 45% 31%
In Retail Stores 34% 37% 55%
Email Newsletters 33% 31% 29%
Blogs 19% 19% 10%
Direct Mail 12% 17% 14%
From Celebrities 12% 16% 9%
Text Newsletters 11% 13% 9%
None 3% 1% 1%

Note: Ages 16-64
Source: Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor, ‘Socialogue’, July 30, 2013

Looking at the response rates and engagement for digital ads in Latin America confirms the growth and importance of digital as the medium of choice to engage audiences in the region. For example, 50% or more of those surveyed in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina have watched commercials for products or services online in the previous month. And over 20% in Mexico and Brazil clicked on a banner.

After reading the study and discussing with the campaigns that our company runs for clients run on Latin American traffic, we definitely see increased engagement on the Latin American traffic for our major brand clients that run in both the US and Latin American. While obviously there are many factors, the fact remains that digital advertising is a key to reaching the Latin American markets.

According to eMarketer, digital ad spending in Latin America in 2013 is expected to rise 31.5% to reach $4 billion. Based on consumer engagement studies, this seems to be a good use of advertising dollars.

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