Video for Your Traveler’s Journey Experience

Video for Your Traveler’s Journey Experience Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit – Nuevo Vallarta – Punta Mita – Sayulita

Video is the most potent content vehicle for the travel industry.
Travel is a personal, emotional experience. What better way to “go there” than through video?
Video provides maximum mileage if mapped out across the customer journey.

Millennials, Do not Transact, they Interact!

Millennials are a key target customer segment, because travel is high on the priority list.
They want to spend their money on experiences, not things.
Millennials buy around brand relationships, wanting to bond with a brand, rather than just transact.
To convert this group from consideration to purchase, emotive content that engages.

Travel customers want to be informed, entertained and inspired.
You need to create content that builds an emotional connection.

For a long-term, you need to create video which addresses different stages of the customer journey.

Travelers are spending more time watching online videos than ever before.
Travelers are increasingly using mobile devices to consume travel-related videos anytime and anywhere.
Tourist destinations and attractions on top of primary categories for travel videos on YouTube.

Cruise & charters, hotels, resorts and accommodations showing the strongest growth in video productions.

Travel enthusiasts are more interested in topics such as restaurants, spas, food & drinks or sports, as make up an important part of any travel experience.
The whole experience itself, likelihood of watching videos in other categories

Subscriptions to top travel channels on YouTube have increased 106% year over year.

It’s about storytelling

Videos can be used to convey a much broader and deeper set of emotions, which make up the spine of any great storytelling.

Travel brands that make good use of video, are those who take advantage of this medium and its competitive set.

TripAdvisor, Cruise Critic or Yelp, along with other user-generated sites where travelers can review restaurants, airlines,
attractions, transportation, hotels and destinations.

Video is not only on Youtube

Because YouTube belongs to Google, it’s a logical move to have a dedicated channel and use it as part an overarching digital strategy for any brand.
It is important to consider other options, such as Vimeo, Daily Motion and even short-video mobile applications or Instagram (clips up to 15 seconds).

AirBnB Shorts video contest
AirBnB pulled a similar stunt earlier in 2014, launching its “Shorts” user-generated video contest, with Instagram as video application.

Integrate across other channels
Video is a lot easier to make than even just a couple of years ago, thanks in great part to accessible technology and applications, from desktop to mobile.
Thus, we’re seeing brands integrating video as part of the customer service equation, for example integrating a video of things to see and do at a destination.
Some will even provide real-time video-chat on their website to answer customer queries, helping conversion rates along the way.

How to Use Video to Market Your Destination

If there is any industry practically made for video, it is travel.
There is no better way to let people know what your destination has to offer than to show them.
Video gives you the ability to bring your destination to life.

74% of internet traffic.
85% of Americans with internet watch videos online.
52% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the content with the best ROI.
Travel sites who use video grow revenue 49% faster those that do not.

Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than text.
All the information you want to share with potential customers can sound great when written out, but it will not have the same impact as video.
65% of video viewers watch more than 75% of a video.

Travel is a very personal decision and experience, and video content gives users a glimpse of what that experience will provide.
It provides excitement and anticipation that might be the final push someone needs to make a purchase.
64% of consumers say watching a marketing video has influenced a purchase they have made in the last month.
Just imagine the difference video marketing could make for you!

Having videos immediately available to potential visitors increases engagement.
Expedia research notes that having video present on a landing page increases conversion by 86%!

Keep content updated

In the days leading up to a trip, travelers will visit around 38 different websites.
Content that is being updated is sure to grab attention.

A clearly written strategy can make a difference.
Videos perform well when combined with other content for an integrated strategy.

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