Your Hotel Web Site & Hotel In-House Video Content

Your Hotel Web Site & Hotel In-House Video Content

Hotel in-house Marketing

Video is rapidly becoming the preferred method of accessing information on the web, across all age groups and demographic divides. It conveys more information and emotion than any other type of content.

Create videos based on frequently asked questions from your concierge. Make a video about the best Beaches in your area, share your staff’s recommendations for top Nightlife spots for solo travellers,Tours, Nature Walk, …

Travelers are expect hotels to provide them with more than just a comfortable, clean, safe place to sleep. Show the kinds of exclusive experiences their hotels can provide to guests. Travelers expect hotels to provide them with the best local experiences. Establish your hotel as the leading local expert by creating valuable videos for your social media followers that show off the best of what to do in your area. Include shots of the tour guide sharing interesting facts about the places, a particular cultural tradition or craft, Tequila making , whatever makes your hotel’s hometown unique. A taste of what they could experience if they stay at your hotel will make them feel like they are missing out by choosing a competitor.

The type of video content t features will depend on your property and unique selling proposition.

Sharing local recommendations with your followers via video, you can provide value for not just travellers, but also locals who are looking for recommendations for what to do in their backyards. While locals may not stay at your hotel, your videos can lead them to patronize your hotel’s restaurants, bar, spa, etc. or recommend your hotel to visitors from out of town. 50% of all mobile traffic relates to video content. Mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the past two years.

Content is King

Use video to enhance your website
Publicize videos through your blog
Develop a dedicated YouTube channel
Create short 3 to 10 sec video clips to use in your social media posts
Coordinate video social strategies Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Incorporate video clips into your email newsletters
And much, much more

Telling stories can have a demonstrable impact on consumers and society, and visuals bring narratives to life.


Consumers demand information gathering and purchase experience, it is key that hotels consider how video can be a core element to your story strategy online and via mobile. You could use video in every element of the guest journey, from showcasing the rooms, suites, dining, and spa and wellness facilities when they are deciding where to book to giving them a virtual explorer’s guide of the local area and attractions when they arrive, video can breathe life into a property in a way that staged images ca not.

There is virtually no limit to the ways you can promote your hotel with video, you can showcase the beauty of your lodgings and the surrounding environs; give guests an up-close and personal tour of local attractions; even turn your hotel into a happening hotspot by creating your own versions of popular travel shows.

Video is a valuable sales tool that encourages more reservations. This versatile tool can uplevel stale text sales presentations to dazzle a potential client, highlight successful events. When it comes to planning a holiday. it is no longer enough to flick through a brochure or browse a hotel website.

Can your hotel afford to bypass video marketing when it has such a universal appeal?

Tourism and Hotel Video and Photography

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