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Why You Should Start Video Marketing

October 9th, 2013

The internet is becoming increasingly reliant upon video as its content medium. In fact, Cisco Systems estimates that by 2017, 1 million video minutes – the equivalent of 674 days – will traverse the internet every second. More and more prospects are watching internet videos instead of reading whitepapers, long articles and marketing material. There are many reasons as to why our communication behavior evolved this way.

One explanation is that we grew up with television, so as adults we’re used to watching instead of reading. Although TV today is being replaced by computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, the influence of videos remains unchanged.

Time is another reason. In today’s world everything needs to be faster, more efficient and flexible. This means that we need to have content which is independent of place and time, giving us full control over where and when we receive our information. For example, a person may want to know what’s happening in the world while sitting in the bus on the way to work, so he pulls out his smartphone and watches a news report.

As this trend accelerates, you as an SAP partner have the opportunity to not only learn but also to benefit from these developments. Because of video platforms like YouTube, easily creating and sharing your own videos and technology no longer poses a challenge. You don’t need a big budget for video marketing. To effectively communicate with your audience, you can break your video content into three categories:

Videos containing temporary information, such as an event announcement video
“Easy-to-produce” videos, like elevator pitches or interviews with satisfied customers
Videos with content that is intended to be long-term material or complex, such as the corporate image video

Don’t spend too much money on the temporary or easy-to-produce videos. You can produce them on your own and you don’t need expensive equipment, a production team, actors, etc. It’s better to save the money and invest in videos that will provide a long-term benefit.

Also, make sure that you also build up your own YouTube channel and align it with other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. And the most important thing, as with all types of social media, is that you post regularly.

On the surface this all sounds pretty easy. But there are a lot of traps when it comes to video production and a lot of videos that demonstrate how NOT to do it. A perfect example is the “We are the Number One” song from Allianz Agency. First of all the video quality is extremely poor and furthermore the bad dancing and singing could give potential clients the impression that the company is not serious.

In order to spare you the embarrassment of making bad videos, we made a free guide book on video marketing which includes the following information:

Tips and tricks for different types of videos (elevator pitches, customer reference stories, solution demos, company presentations, etc….)
How to produce videos, including preparation, production and postproduction
Helpful templates for screenplays and interview scripts

So what are you waiting for? Get started with video marketing today!

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