Wildly Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Breaking Down 9 Wildly Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

By Michael Johnston, Published November 10, 2013

YouTube is not known primarily as a hub of video marketing for businesses; it’s reputation instead consists primarily of generally low quality, homemade videos. You’re more likely to come across a video of a cat than a corporate marketing campaign. YouTube is, for the most part, used in a non-professional way as a medium to share entertaining and informal videos. While several entrepreneurs have been successful in efforts to make money from YouTube, most use it in an exclusively recreational manner.

But there are certainly examples of corporate success stories on YouTube; it’s been the starting point for a number of successful campaigns run by businesses, from start-ups just getting off the ground to massive publicly-traded corporations trying to enhance their brand. Just as most personal videos uploaded to YouTube struggle to gain traction and receive only a small number of views, most “corporate campaigns” on the video site are relatively unsuccessful. But there are several examples of video marketing gone viral that has delivered positive ROI to the companies behind them. Here are a few examples of some of the more successful video marketing campaigns of the past several years:

Bottom Line

Besides their success, the video marketing campaigns highlighted above appear to have very little in common; they were promoting different products to very different target audiences. But there are some recurring themes when we examine the factors that are responsible for the success:
Comedy. When something truly original and funny appears on YouTube it has a pretty good chance of attracting a lot of eyeballs–regardless of who put it together. In that sense, comedy is the great equalizer of video marketing; a start-up selling razors for a dollar can put together a video that will be far more successful than big budget video marketing campaigns from larger competitors. Of course, executing an original and funny idea in an advertisement is an extremely challenging task–and it happens very infrequently.

Drama / Emotion. While comedy is perhaps the surest way to ensure visibility of a video campaign, other emotions can do the trick as well. The Kony 2012 and Dove campaigns highlighted above show that emotional appeals can also drive engagement and success. When viewers are moved to tears, or simply experience strong feelings of anger or sadness, they are often spurred to share the source of that emotion with their social circles.

Exclusivity. Some of the campaigns mentioned above, such as Krrish 3 and Grand Theft Auto, capitalize on their ability to satisfy provide something no one else can: an inside look or preview of an upcoming release for which some degree of excitement and anticipation already exists. This is obviously a huge advantage–there’s pent-up demand for their campaign–but still requires execution of a video that is going to be shared socially and satisfy potentially critical fan bases.

Star Power. This is perhaps the equivalent of free agency in baseball: the teams with big budgets have the ability to go out and buy a superstar. But just as those deals don’t always guarantee a championship, a superstar alone doesn’t make a great video marketing campaign. A poorly executed video featuring Usher and a new single can still flop, but it’s certainly a huge advantage.

Each successful video marketing campaign is unique, but most will incorporate one or more of these elements!

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/digital-marketing/breaking-9-wildly-successful-video-marketing-campaigns-0672175#86ikySfSGVrl1LAU.99

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/digital-marketing/breaking-9-wildly-successful-video-marketing-campaigns-0672175#86ikySfSGVrl1LAU.99

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