Why use video for Tourism. How can we help?

Why use video for Tourism. How can we help?

Video is a massive amount of internet traffic and travel-related videos.
35% of leisure travelers and 56% of business travelers engaged in travel-related video.

Someone needs to decide that traveling is worth the money and time it will cost them,
then they need to decide where to travel and what kind of trip it will be,
then they need to decide where they will stay when they get to their destination,
and what kinds of activities they will participate in when they get there.

66% watched videos when thinking about taking a trip
52% watched videos when thinking about what type of trip they would like to take
65% watched videos when choosing a destination
54% watched videos when deciding which accommodation to stay at, and
63% watched videos when looking for ideas for activities at a destination1

Video is easy to consume

76% of consumers stating that they prefer information via video.
Video content inspires an emotional connection.

Travel is seldom undertaken for purely rational reasons, and emotions play a large part in the decision-making process.
Connecting emotionally with prospective guests is vital to the success of hospitality marketing efforts.

Making a person feel as if they are “actually there,” and this is exactly what happens when one watches a video.
Someone getting a relaxing massage at your spa, for instance, will experience a similar feeling.

People trust video content

Choose your platform and tailor your content

The first platform that comes to mind is YouTube, and with good reason –
YouTube has over a billion users world-wide, which accounts for almost a third of all internet users.

Production quality varies from professionally produced cinematic trailers to unedited videos captured on smartphones.

YouTube is so popular for the simplicity of the embedding function that allows you to display a YouTube video on an external site.


Facebook’s video feature is already making waves on the social media giant – more than 100-million hours of video are viewed on Facebook every day.
Facebook is a great place to share videos because they can be shared easily with and have the capacity to reach a large number of Facebook users.
Facebook videos are by default to play immediately as a person scrolls and to be muted.
The first few seconds of a Facebook video are vital.
The value of Facebook videos was delivered in the first three seconds, and a full 74% was delivered in the first ten.

Produce inspiring content

People watch video content to be entertained, and your videos should be presenting your audience with beautiful stories.

Remember mobile

50% of YouTube video views take place on mobile devices. Mobile devices are fast becoming people’s primary screens and
the first place for you to catch their attention. 63% of videos viewed on mobile devices are shorter, so keep your videos short, sweet and punchy.

Tell a story

Video content should follow some kind of narrative.

Marriot Hotel’s French Kiss movie has attracted over 6,201,536 views on YouTube

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