Ways To Use Video On Your Business

6 Great Ways To Use Video On Your Business’ Social Media Page

Offline marketing was once the top dog when it came to getting your brand ‘out there’, but this is 2013, not 2000.

Of course, offline marketing is still important, but so is online marketing. With the ability to use PR, videos, social media and to dominate the search rankings, being online has never been so effective.

Here, we focus entirely on how you can use videos online and on your social media business page to increase awareness of your brand; all for no cost at all.

Setting up a social media page like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is free, as is making a video and uploading it. So, this could be the cheapest and most effective way to brand your business.

Here are our 6 tips for using video to broadcast your message on social media:

1. Commercials

By creating a good quality video that forms an advertisement for your brand, you can bring your offline marketing, online. Many big brands use funny virals that help their brand to shared and spoken about.

2. Introductions

An introductory video about your business or a service you offer can show your knowledge of your industry and show that there is a human behind the brand, which is often difficult through an advert.

3. Portfolios

People love to see who you have worked with, so creating a portfolio-type video will give your visitors a clearer idea of what they can expect by working with a credible company.

4. Product Demo or Review

This will allow you to explain a product you are selling or demonstrate it’s use. This can act as a sort of try-before-you-buy type video.

5. Q&A’s

Question and answer videos are a great way to interact with your audience and can encourage your customers to get in touch with any questions they may have.

6. Behind The Scenes Videos

This will give your customers a chance to see what happens behind closed doors at your business, further helping to convey personality for your brand.

Video and social media are key attributes for online marketing and by utilising them for your business, you could give your brand personality and credibility which could in turn create customers.

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