Videos Drive Sales

Why Videos Drive Sales

Posted December 2, 2013

While marketers and business owners continue to wait on investing in online video marketing content (and developing their strategy), their prospective customers aren’t. We have quickly become a nation of viewers, not readers. 75 million viewers watch online video per day (YES, that is PER DAY) and 40 billion videos are streamed per month (YES, that is a Billion), but these numbers are, according to Forrester Research, going to increase over the next few years.

The good news for marketing departments and business owners is that is that it is not too late. And once you overcome your misconceptions about investing in video, and marketing it properly, you will be empowered with an asset to use as a competitive advantage.

Getting the most out of business video marketing should not be a stand alone tactic, but one that should be integrated into your overall marketing and sales process. Look at your sales materials and value propositions to guide you in producing video marketing content that showcases the people, personalities and expertise in your organization.

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