Video Travel Storytelling

Video Travel Storytelling

Storytelling innovative use by various destinations and travel brands in order to reach potential customers during their decision-making. t’s not a secret that video beats all the other types of visual formats in terms of viewers’ engagement. Video is capable of encompassing all visual and auditory content forms. The travel industry continues to grow and evolve as brands keep trying to stand out and engage increasingly inattentive audiences who have only more products, services, and platforms to choose from.

With videos your customers will have the chance to actually see how great your hotel looks. They won’t think twice about choosing it for their stay. Customers want to see it, before they actually arrive. With laptops, tablets and smartphones, clients can get on the internet wherever they are.

Travelers have powerful mobile devices, fast internet connection and HD displays. They want to see HD videos. Videos have to be informative, as well as captivating and enjoyable. A fascinating video to catch customers attention. This will facilitate your customers’ choice and lead them to your facility! Pictures are not enough, but we can do that too!

Making a great tourism travel video

A travel video must have the ability to bring out a range of emotions from viewers, happiness, wanderlust or curiosity, through unique storytelling structures, immersive visual and great sound. A great travel video with a perfect balance of these attributes will be able to keep us viewers engaged throughout the entire length of the video and leave us wanting more.

It is not hard to imagine the positive impact of good storytelling, memorable travel experiences are all about stories – stories of local communities and their cultural traditions, stories told by the expert local guides, and stories about the travelers themselves that become part of their travel experiences. There is no better way to let people know what your destination has to offer than to show them. Video gives you the ability to bring your destination to life. innovative Storytelling, and ‘behind the scenes’ anecdotes have become powerful marketing tools, allowing us to get closer to your customers.

What is your Story


Conveying and interpreting experiences in a way that engages those you are sharing the story with. A memorable stories will also have a plot that enriches the experience of the story by illustrating such story components as challenges.

Your audience will need to discover your history, and the reasons why your product,service,destination exists in the first place. What is so special about your tourism destinations? Showing emotions will make it more likely that your visitors will pass on your story to others. Let your storytelling continue to grow without limits. The things that make your destination attractive: the people, communities, food, nature,sporting activities,… Your destination already has great stories. Videos are a powerful tool that can convey so much more than simply words can. Well-captured visuals add meaning to the viewer’s experience, and can portray intriguing stories with impact.

Travelers are looking for authentic local experiences in the destinations and communities they visit, and this naturally translates to the type of stories that will resonate with those travelers. Good stories can help people feel as though they’re sharing your experience in person, and this offers your destination an exciting opportunity to differentiate your stories from other destinations’. Stories that are more than just a list of must-do highlights; through visual storytelling share emotions and feelings to help travelers build deeper connections with the people and places in your destinations.

Short, 15 second videos storytelling, to capture the attention and curiosity, is a powerful marketing weapon across so many social media channels. Video content paired with an integrated storytelling strategy provides the opportunity for tourism destinations to authentically connect with their audience. Travel brands need to move away from the old ways of commercial advertising and embrace the story-focused mentality.

Tourism Marketing Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

If you’re thinking about bringing your unique travel destination story to consumers across the continent and around the globe, let’s get’s started with some powerful video marketing strategies and video production options.

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