Video to Boost Tourism and Promote Destinations

Video to Boost Tourism and Promote Destinations Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Do not sell the product. Sell the DREAM

A destination with video focuses on boosting tourism, and attracting more potential guests. Guests are still considering destination options and researching things to do in a place they have decided on. The video is to provide them with something valuable well before they have even heard of your competition.

Riviera Nayarit

Discover outgoing local character who is always up for a chat and knows the best spots in town. Secrets to the trail that leads to an incredible swimming hole not mentioned in any guidebook. Traveling to a new place is discovering all of these small secrets

Increasingly, people are seeking these kinds of authentic local experiences when they travel, and moving away from tours and experiences designed for mass appeal. Finding and sharing the range of authentic experiences that exist in your area. For guests considering your destination, telling stories of the local people and culture will bring a sense of authenticity to your brand. Guests who discover your content while researching destinations will already have built a positive relationship with your destination before they even consider others . The greater the content that showcases your local area can also connect on a deep level with the people that live in your destination, and encourage them to share your content through their own social media channels, promoting awareness of your destination.

Sayulita Surfing Riviera Nayarit

How powerful it can be to market a destination by promoting its location. A series of destination videos that focused on quirky and offbeat attractions across the area. The videos are exceptionally successful in raising brand awareness and increasing social engagement.

Destination videos do not require a huge production value or the backdrop of a world-class destination. A series of short and simple videos in order to showcase the power of the destination. The videos focused on local events that were not marketed by any other organisations. By being short, simple, and requiring very few resources, all of these videos will be viewed thousands of times and shared by hundreds of people across social media. Those videos give local residents media about their own town that they could share, and received huge amounts of organic traffic through Youtube and Facebook from tourists searching for information on things to do and local cultural events.

Airlines utilize destination marketing to advertise locations that they fly to, primarily through in-flight magazines but also now via their websites and social media. Original video series which celebrates the people and culture in their destinations.

There are a huge variety of options with locally focused content. You could write about it on your brand blog, or share small snippets of information on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You could produce a video series, a podcast, an online magazine, a microsite, or even combine a few options.

Riviera Nayarit Video Production
Riviera Nayarit Video Production

All tourism photography has one thing in common- an element that evokes a reaction, a feeling, or a desire to visit. When you’re in the travel and tourism biz, visual content is a vital tool for capturing visitors.

When promoting a location, an attraction or even a hotel, the image you put out into the universe is essential. More than the vivid and imaginative words used to lure you, that first glance of an image you see, that first feeling can make all the difference. High-quality photos and video can do that. They can cause you to want to go there, be there, do that. If it’s true that, “every picture tells a story” then capturing an image that evokes a story in someone’s mind is a tourism ‘holy grail.’

WOW” What a place. Show your drama!

Video is the hottest form of visual content, and just about any actual movement will do. The emotion: Seeing, Talking, Walking, Feeling, Tasting, Smelling, Touching.

Do not sell the product. Sell the DREAM

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Video Production Marketing Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit

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Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta
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