Video offers travel and tourism a huge opportunity Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

Video offers travel and tourism a huge opportunity Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

Today’s traveler can virtually tour destinations at the touch of a finger.

Travelers are spending more time watching online videos than ever before.
Views of travel related content are up 118% and travelers are increasingly using mobile devices to travel related videos anytime and anywhere.

Mobile devices accounted for roughly 30%+ of all travel video views, with mobile viewing up
97% on smartphones and 205% on tablets. Primary categories of travel videos on YouTube

87% of travelers start their travel search online.
Travel enthusiasts seem to be more interested in topics such as restaurants, spas, food & drinks or sports, as it makes up an important part of any travel experience.

As of August 2014, subscriptions to top travel channels on YouTube have increased 106% year per year.

Videos can convey a much broader and deeper set of emotions, which make up the spine of any great storytelling initiative.

Travel destinations & Hotels that make good use of video are those who take advantage of this medium and its competitive set.

Videos are not only on Youtube. It is important to consider other options, such as Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion and even short-video on Instagram.
You will find hotels integrating video as part of the customer service, integrating a video of things to see and do at a destination.

Most Important Video Trends in Tourism Right Now
Authentic Content first and foremost
Video tops the list of most effective content
Matching video to the user journey

Encourage visitors to post videos of their experience, it will show the true personality of your destination.
Giving visitors a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at the people that make your destination what it is, creates a human connection.

Taking a video first approach to travel makes perfect sense with the endless potential for inspiring, thrilling, adventurous content.

Understanding the user journey is vital for travel marketers. Google has identified four crucial travel moments to win customers:
I want to get away moments (awareness-raising)
Time to make a plan moments (offer information)
Let’s book it moments (building trust, comparisons)
Can not wait to explore moments (focusing on experiences)

The average time that travelers spend on browsing travel related content on YouTube is 40 minutes,
but they will be watching multiple videos, so it’s better to create smaller bite sized content.

Combining the emotional and rational parts of our brains, and travel is certainly an emotional decision.
That is another reason why video can be so powerful and resonate.

85% of leisure travelers pick their holiday activities once they have arrived at their destination.
9 out of 10 travelers expect their provider to share relevant information with them when they are on the trip and
67% feel more loyal to a travel company that does this.

Video is the future of Tourism growth.
Getting the right content in front of the right people.

Video content is an emotionally compelling, highly engaging way to reach their audience.

Best practices for your video strategy:
Focus first on telling a story
Capture viewers attention immediately
Tell your story with sounds an appealing voice
Target relevant audiences on Facebook and social media
Optimize for search with title, description, hashtag and location
Distribute in the right channel / categories
Collaborate with other brands and influencers
Keep it video short (30 seconds for Twitter, 60 seconds for Instagram, 90seconds for Facebook)
Creating original content, or re purpose existing content in a fresh way

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