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Introduction to Video Marketing

Hilal Bakanay

A few years ago, video as a content type, was the shiny new toy. Now it’s the king of content. From million-dollar companies to small businesses, companies can’t afford to ignore the video.

As a self-explanatory term, video marketing means including videos in your marketing strategy to promote your brand and products.

From raising awareness to creating interest and from influencing your audience’s decisions to persuading them to purchase, videos are used in every stage of marketing now.

Because people expect to see videos…

The Video Marketing is on the Rise

With Youtube’s becoming mainstream in 2009, video expression was opened to the public. Since then, watching videos is an indispensable part of our lives.

According to Nielsen, U.S. adults are now spending almost 6 hours per day on video, on average. Global numbers are not different either. This is a fairly high number and the situation is not different for global figures either. For example, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Cisco predicts online video will account for 72% of all internet use by 2019. The financial commitment to supporting branded content is predicted to double by 2019 as well, and budgets for mobile video ads will increase by 70%.

This is why more businesses include videos in their marketing strategies. According to Hubspot, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Why is video so popular?

Content is King

Thanks to increasing use of mobile devices, we don’t use our laptops and PCs for a simple web search anymore. Because mobile devices are so handy, we pick them up to get the information we look for. And reading on a mobile device doesn’t always mean a practical experience. We almost always need to increase the font size, but this may not be possible without spoiling text justification.

On the other hand, watching videos is always easy on any channel or device. Videos fit any device ranging from computers to mobile devices. This expands their reach and makes them more user-friendly and consumer-focused. So, your content always performs well on any device and you don’t lose traffic.

Besides videos do what text doesn’t. Not only they simplify getting information but also contribute to user interaction. This is why people love sharing videos.

Hubspot suggests that, if you create video content that your specific audience enjoys, 83% of consumers would consider sharing it with their friends. According to Promo, 85% of the most shared Facebook posts in 2017 were videos and videos get 6 times more often than static images and 3 times more often than GIFs.

How can video marketing help you?

Video marketing can help you in many different ways. By using the power of videos, you can raise brand awareness, position yourself as a thought leader, increase your website’s traffic, engage with your audience,

Build brand awareness

Video marketing offers a great way to tell your story. Even if you own a startup or a middle-size business, video marketing can provide you with tremendous opportunities to get your name heard. We know hundreds of people who became an overnight celebrity with the help of a video they posted on YouTube. Even if you don’t aim for such popularity, videos can help you to build brand awareness.

Showcase your thought leadership

Sharing valuable content on a subject which you have an expertise, not only helps you reach more people but also position yourself as a thought leader in your area. Videos would serve better by making it easier to understand your message. To showcase your expertise, create videos that include answers to frequently asked questions of your audience. You can also cover industry updates and the latest developments in your field. To do this, you can use explainer videos, video tutorials, and testimonials.

Increase social engagement

People love watching videos. This is why videos have the highest engagement rate when compared to other content types. By sharing high-quality videos on social media, you can increase your social engagement. Attracting more people means more subscribers and followers which can be transformed into customers over time. As social videos will continue to evolve, including videos in your marketing efforts will be a good choice to reach more people.

Boost promotion

Videos which can be combined with different marketing tools, also increase their influence. By including videos in your marketing mix, you can increase the overall efficiency of your marketing efforts. For example, by integrating a video into your landing page, you can increase the time that visitors spend on your page. Including videos in your email marketing campaigns also increases open rates of your emails.

Increase organic traffic

Videos increase organic traffic. This is why more companies see videos as crucial components of their marketing plans. Even though YouTube is the dominant video platform, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn promote video use. By adding to your website, landing page, social media posts you can increase organic traffic they get. This also improves your company’s SEO results which means your pages appear higher in search results.

Video Marketing Tips

Build a video content strategy

Define who your audience is and what kind of videos they would like to see.
Decide what kind of videos you will use to tell your brand story: entertaining, educational or inspiring?
Try to list the topics that align with your core values and what you can tell about them to your audience.
Once you’ve determined the content of your videos, set up a schedule and share your videos consistently.
Analyze the performance of your videos and collect feedback from your audience to make the necessary adjustments in your strategy.

Create valuable video content

Try to create high-quality and visually-appealing videos that people would enjoy sharing.
Think about how your video could appeal to your audience.
When you’re thinking about video ideas, ask yourself whether it is useful, interesting, educational or emotional?
Create evergreen videos that answer common questions or solve a problem.
Transform your well-performed written content (press coverage, blog posts, etc.) into video format.

Get discovered

Use as many social media platforms as possible to share your videos.
Each platform has its own consumers, dynamics, and way of engagement.
Taking place on more platforms helps you reach a wider audience increases social sharing potential.
Don’t ignore SEO principals while creating and releasing your videos. Check out this cool manual to learn more about video SEO.
Include trending topics in your videos by using resources like Google Trends and Twitter Trends.

Encourage Interaction

Talk directly to your audience in a way that encourages interaction.
Allow your audience to join the dialog by accepting user-generated video content.
Create videos that encourage interaction by asking your audience questions.
Make your audience feel important by giving them a chance to participate in what you create.
Answer your audiences’ comments and questions on time.

Use videos for branding and promotion

Use a video overview to give your audience an understanding of what makes your brand unique.
Share new features or a brand-new product.
Announce special events and advertise special promotions.
Give tips related to your product or service and allow your customers to see them in action.
Take note of trending events and incorporate them into a seasonal video.

Be consistent

Brainstorm ideas to be able to share new videos continuously.
Have a plan for what you’ll deliver to your audience after shooting each video
Make specific elements of your channel cohesive, like your personality, tone of voice, theme etc.
Have a clear video format and a durable idea that will continue to pull attention in future videos.
Share videos on a regular schedule like a certain day of each week.

Video has been increasingly popular worldwide and it’s no longer a question whether it is a worthwhile investment. The sooner you include videos in your marketing efforts, the sooner you see their benefits. Video marketing can help you build brand awareness, position yourself as an industry expert, engage with a wider audience, increase visibility and boost the influence of your promotion efforts. You can enjoy these benefits by implementing an effective video marketing strategy and sharing high-quality videos in a consistent way.

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