Video Marketing helps you increase your web presence

Video Marketing helps you increase your web presence

Online video Marketing helps you increase your web presence and search engine ranking. In the extremely competitive and ever changing marketplace, it is important to be proactive.

Successful Video Marketing

Create a YouTube Channel and brand it with your company’s design work.
Get a professional to take any photographs for an image slide.
Use a presenter – it’s much more engaging.
Use other video sites such as Facebook, twitter, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, Vimeo, in addition to YouTube.
Add your video to your Google Places listing.
Review your videos periodically.
Produce new videos periodically.
Embed your video onto your own website.
Show you or your company’s personality in your video.
Present your expertise in your videos.
Redub your videos in another language to reach a larger market.
Keep your video short – people get bored quickly.
Inspire people in your videos.
Motivate people in your videos.
Always end with a call to action – coupon codes, offers, or simply a link to your website.
Ensure all videos have a link back to your website.
Buy YouTube channels with other popular and relevant videos which you can link to your website.
Hire a professional production team.
Choose a video production company with experience in your industry.
Use a presenter with knowledge of your company’s industry.
Video customer’s testimonial.
Use HD video.
Consider image videos as a first and cheap step into video marketing.
Use the correct and most accurate metadata for your videos.
Promote videos on Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor and LonelyPlanet
Look at what your competitors are doing and copy what works.

PromovisionPV is a video production company that specializes in HD video. We offer an assortment of video marketing services. Our services include HD video shoots, script writing, 3D animation, digital photography, graphic design, motion graphics, voiceover recording, Blu-ray authoring, DVD duplication, as well as web video encoding.

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Video Photo Production

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