Video Marketing has risen in importance

Video Marketing has just risen in importance, and difficulty for marketers

Video SEO, the art of optimising a video is, like so many other SEO activities set to get tougher.

With Google’s Hummingbird latest update, it represents a new algorithm and it’s new features among other things affects video marketing.

Google have always updated their algorithm over the years, what makes this noteworthy however is that Hummingbird isn’t just an update, but actually a whole new algorithm. One of the main focuses of this is that looking at the answers as opposed to results. In simpler terms, conversational search is getting particular attention from Hummingbird.

How queries are phrased by people during online conversations (or to Google) is gaining importance, as opposed to the way we phrase a question while typing. Using Google by asking it a question rather than typing it, is something that has existed as a feature on their custom browser Google Chrome since the start of this year. Certainly some of the findings of this research has gone into forming the algorithm.

This change may have come, in part, as a response to the dominance of searching online using Smartphones, and with using voice activated features like Siri. Outside of work, do you use your desktop pc or laptop as your primary device for browsing, or is it your Smartphone? From personal experience most of my friends and family members (myself included) use our Smartphones as the main device for accessing the internet. Today, many people are using voice commands to search for something online, and often how we say something is different to how we type it. Adapting to this change may be necessary if Google wants us to continue using it’s services.

Google has also said that 15% of the billion searches a day have not been seen before, indicating these are long tail key phrases. Hummingbird is designed to understand these phrases better than the search engine currently does, by supplying users with both the best information requested and also the best information which you didn’t request, helping to enhance the overall user experience.
So for example the phrase: “How do I make espresso coffee” in the past, keywords espresso coffee would get attention and results would come up accordingly. However, now the ‘How do I’ and ‘make’ is being taken more seriously into account than in the past. Searches about information have usually done better with video results, and so now they will take an even bigger role in searches.

Now more than ever creators will need to consider how well their video content answers a users question, and this will determine how well they rank in search engines. The users intent is anticipated by hummingbird, and so you will have to do the same.
Your video needs a reason to exist. what question are you answering with the video? and if not, why would someone watch your video/what are you actually offering users?

You need to make sure your video content is rich in quality. They need to be relevant to the site and potential visitors, things like being easily navigable and having unique landing pages for video are also factors to consider.

Simply posting a video for users to take a look won’t be enough for marketers in the post-hummingbird era. Now you need to anticipate what questions users are asking, then answer them with relevant, helpful and informative video content. SEO is not dead, it just got more complicated. Video is now a more powerful marketing tool than ever, but the landscape has changed and you need to adapt.

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