Video Marketing fuss

Video Marketing – what’s the fuss?

There’s a lot of noise around these days about Digital Marketing. Barely a minute goes by without us hearing about a celebrity spat on Twitter, a video that’s gone viral or a ‘selfie’ on Instagram. Indeed, only yesterday the Oxford Dictionaries pronounced that it’s word of 2013 was selfie. But what does it all mean to you?

Digital Marketing is merely another string to your bow. Once you can clear through the noise and jargon to understand this marketing channel and integrate it into your overall marketing plan in a way that makes sense to your business, you’ll be on to a winner.

Many of you are doing some digital marketing whether you think of it that way or not. You may have bonded with Twitter, send regular emails to customers or drive your visitors to Trip Advisor. But how do you cope with all the new information coming your way?

Basically it’s all about making noise and creating relevant authoritative content to your target customers in the places they spend their time. 2014 will be all about video. YouTube is the second largest search engine to Google and the majority of Google searches now turn a video within the search results. How can you take a slice of the action and get a jump on your competitors?

On Sunday there was a feature in the Telegraph about Shane Smith, the man who is ‘revolutionising’ the content business’. The article discusses how his agency devises a strategy for a client and comes up with a campaign with video at the heart of the activity. Based in Brooklyn, I’m sure that most of you won’t be in the market to take advantage of their cutting edge services. However there is a viable alternative.

Here at Workhouse Marketing we pride ourselves in delivering campaigns that work hard for you and deliver the business results you require. We have a full-time videographer and the largest photography studio outside Manchester is on-site. Combine this with exceptional account management and your own digital strategist and you will be well on your way to Video Marketing success.

Affordable. Tailored. Measurable. Creative.

Why not give us a call today to discuss putting a toe in the water with a video campaign?

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