Video Marketing for Blogs & New Media

Perfecting Video Marketing for Blogs & New Media

October 23 2013

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ TVPage, Inc. enables blogs and new media companies to import all of their videos into a single TVPage Player. Once the videos have been organized and the player customized, it can be embedded directly into a blog and Facebook page tab. The TVPage Player can then also be shared and embedded anywhere the web, planting seeds for TVPage’s powerful video syndication system. Learn how to achieve this by following these three steps below. You can also read more about how one particular blog did this ( and effectively increased engagement with new viewers across the web.

1. Import & Organize into a TVPage Player. Control the content you want to import. Organize your channels and the order in which everything is viewed. Create a completely customized video player that contains as many videos as you want, on any topic, while tailoring the “look and feel” to suit your Brand. Control the viewer experience! Your TVPage will seamlessly blend into your website or blog, vastly enhancing the way you market your blog’s video content to clients.

2. Embed & Syndicate. Embed any TVPage Player directly onto your Blog, website, or Facebook page & syndicate your content. Pause for a moment – this means that you can add a your entire collection to any article on the web written about your blog/business and effectively get all of your videos in front of anyone, anywhere.

ListenSD had 23 videos when their tvpage was embedded by They just added another 29 videos, all of which are now accessible from that same article! The entire ListenSD video collection, is accessible each time someone embeds your video. TVPage is an online video player, on steroids.

3. Measure, Test, & Perfect. Test and optimize your video marketing experience with the use of TVPage’s built in analytics. Measure how these clicks translate into revenue. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above, and refine this system to further increase ROI. Start marketing effectively with video, get started with TVPage today, it’s free.

About TVPage:
TVPage, Inc. is an online video marketing solution provider based in San Diego, California. The TVPage software-as-a-service platform enables businesses, brands & website owners to easily create a video viewing experience, and increase conversion to action and sales from that experience.


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