Video is a Great Tool for Tourism Marketing Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta, San Pancho

Video is a Great Tool for Tourism Marketing Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta, San Pancho

Why Video is a Great Direct Response Tool for Travel Marketing

Using video in your travel marketing mix can offer you benefits beyond brand awareness.
With 80% of users recalling a video ad they viewed in the past thirty days, it’s time travel marketers think about video beyond just a brand awareness tool. In the past, it’s been hard to understand where video should fall in your channel mix and what it truly influences.

Content is King

But as attribution has become more sophisticated, we now understand that 63% of travelers use videos to find ideas to do at a particular destination. That tells the travel marketing industry that even after a traveler has booked their trip, or is even in the midst of their trip, they are still looking to video to find engaging activities in-destination.

Video is not just a powerful tool for engaging with travelers, it can do so in a unique way: as a tool for direct response because it elicits an immediate action or feedback: watch the video, click on our site, and learn more about the brand.

You Can Get Even Smarter with Your Targeting
And, with the rise of different video ad formats and sophisticated targeting, such as geofencing, it’s become even easier for travel marketing to engage travelers with video, on the platform or device they prefer.

Put yourself in the traveler’s shoes: I’ve just booked my trip to Seattle for a long weekend. I have a rough idea that I’d like to visit the Museum of Pop Culture, and of course, stop by Pike Place. But beyond that, I don’t have set plans. Wouldn’t it be advantageous for the Space Needle to show me a 6-sec video of their view while I wait in-line at the museum and am browsing through my Facebook News Feed?

You Can Create Video Without Breaking the Bank
The good news for travel marketers is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You probably already have video assets that can easily be re-edited from brand awareness to direct response. Use elements that focus on experience, or a value add-on, such as an upgrade to a seat or room. Direct response is also where your 360-degree video could come in. If I’m curious about Seattle’s Japanese Garden, wouldn’t it be fun to check it out in full 360 prior?

Video is no longer just an inspiration or ideas tool for travelers. They’re using video to ensure they get their trip right: that the attractions and activities they choose are the experiences they want. Use video lower in the funnel to cement your relationship with that traveler. In doing so, you’ll also help create a truly unique and unforgettable trip.

Ready to bring video into your travel marketing mix? Contact us to get your video campaign up and running today with Sojern.

Myla is the Senior Marketing Manager and one of Sojern’s first San Francisco employees. In addition to managing Sojern’s event presence, marketing materials and company off-sites, she also leads Sojern Gives Back, the company’s global CSR program. She holds a BA in Communication Studies and Theatre from Southwestern University and hails from the great state of Texas.

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Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta, San Pancho
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