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Video How-To-Guide Episode 4 – Getting it Seen.

October 25, 2013

We’ve mused on distribution before and indeed we shall muse again. Video distribution and seeding change daily. I just checked out a story on the Daily Mail website and they had just ripped 5 films from YouTube to illustrate it. That’s how much video has changed. That wouldn’t have happened 6 months ago.

From previous posts, your meticulous plan has bought you a series (hopefully) of great films that tell a fantastic story which reflect your company as a thought leader or fun or highly professional or whatever your initial objective required. Your next challenge is getting them seen.

Your original plan should have had a distribution strategy inked in black marker pen. Here are a few tips…

– Your company (hopefully) has a whole load of enthusiastic and well connected employees. Make sure they are sharing your content to all of their contacts and encouraging them to re-send. So, like social media concentric circles, the initial ripple will start the excitement.

– Aim at your influencer groups and blogs. Your content is good and unique, they should want to share it with their connections. You are now building momentum.

– Create an attractive space for your video with appealing thumbnails and relevant and interesting content around the video.

– Make them prominent on your website, don’t hide them away. If you enjoy your content, your users will too.

– YouTube (not for all campaigns we realise but it’s still the biggest video platform) allows you to promote your video to a target audience. It’s not cheating, it’s how many companies get their videos seen

– YouTube enables comments, likes and dislikes. Brands will get ‘dislikes’ face facts. But often your supporters and those interested will create the best conversations around your brand.

– Seeding companies are expensive but they get your video seen on relevant websites and they should be considered. Unruly Media is particularly good at understanding audiences and its social media science is second to none.

– Titling, descriptions, metadata are all important.

– Don’t be afraid to ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, if they like your video they will subscribe. Otherwise they won’t and no harm is done.

– Keep going with it. We are constantly surprised by viewing figures for films that we produced 12 months ago that are still climbing and quickly.

So there you have it. Follow that advice and you won’t go far wrong. Keep an eye out for the video version of this in the new year.


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