Video Has Become a Must for Social Media Marketers

Why Video Has Become a Must for Social Media Marketers

November 13, 2013 — By Michael

Mobile marketers and advertisers around the world are unleashing the power of video in their social media efforts and related campaigns.

And they’re doing so aggressively.

All told, the latest industry data reveals that 93% of marketers have now used some form of video. And that usage is growing more prevalent in social media marketing.

“Digital video viewing is mainstream, and eMarketer estimates that 182.5 million people in the US, or 75% of all internet users, will view digital videos this year, and video advertising spending will increase by more than 40% in 2013 as well,” eMarketer reported Wednesday.

Video viewership and social sharing are “closely intertwined,” the report explains, citing an insightful example.

An April 2013 Blinkx survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that more than 40% of social network users watch TV or online video and simultaneously discuss content with their friends and the percentage was even higher among respondents ages 18 to 34, 14% of whom said they “always/often” do so.

Not surprisingly, the latest marketing industry surveys show that approximately 60% of marketers are seeking to ramp up their video content launched on social networks as soon as possible.

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