Video for Hotels Turns Viewers into Reservations Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

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Video for Hotels Turns Viewers into Reservations Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

Searching hotel and accommodation online has become second nature.
Travel review sites like TripAdvisor, people explore a number of different ranking hotels before making a final decision.
More than 148.3 million people are using the Internet to make reservations for their accommodations.

Today’s Internet users have a limited attention span, so, how can you ensure your hotel makes a good first impression and turns lookers into bookers? Video.

Your video must accomplish three things: increase awareness, generate interest and boost reservations.

Video can be added to travel-listing pages like TripAdvisor, Expedia,, Hotwire and Trivago.

Professional photos illustrate appealing visuals, but video goes beyond that.
The video depicts a travelers utilizing the hotel amenities such as free wifi, breakfast area and conference rooms on site.
It gives you an idea of what rooms will look like as well as other locations such as the hotel salon and bar.
Depiction of a hotel experience is an incredible tool

Delivering a creative, informative and appealing video eliminates doubt and increases reservations.
Travelers who view videos are 89% more likely to book (

Video not only provides valuable information, but it evokes emotion and allows the traveler to visualize their travel experience.
Videos conveys the feeling of walking into an exquisite hotel lobby; the comfort of a clean, spacious room; the luxury of hotel amenities and
the excitement of on-site dining. Travelers experiencing this firsthand, video is the only way to truly highlight key features.

62% of leisure travelers and 74% of business travelers want to see a video before they make their final decision,
72% of business travelers and 74% of affluent travelers made reservations upon watching a video, according to Google.

Video increases search engine results sites like Google. Your chances of being a first-page of Google search result increases by 53x with video

Video is a proven method to promote hotels & Tourism and increase reservations, increase rankings and stand out from your competition.

Video give you a unique perspective of hotel properties and would you pay more attention if one was offered?

Brainstorm a series of ideas focused on the exploration and create expectation and turn the video series into content assets.

Plan a Video Campaign Style and Episodes

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