Travelers Growing Demand for Video

Travelers Growing Demand for Video

Travelers are more heavily seeking out properties that have photo and video content when they are making decisions. They want to make sure they are getting the best value for their money and they do not want any surprise. Video is a great medium for revealing what a property actually looks like and what a traveler can expect when they arrive. Travelers rely heavily on digital mediums to explore their travel plans. The more content available, including video content, the better.

A study found that 2 out of 3 travelers are checking out online videos when they think of traveling. Through these videos, they are considering new destinations, dreaming about the hotel stay, local cuisines and sights they would like to explore. 78% of travelers are yet to decide what airline they will fly with, and 82% are yet to select a hotel they like. Video helps decide better.

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Travelers want to be inspired, compelling videos that provides an accurate representation of the property, including the outside, the main lobby, rooms, the dining areas and the top amenities. Promote videos around interesting content. Travelers dedicate significant time watching videos in order to satisfy all these queries. Videos play a major role in converting an interest to a final reservation.

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Videos create that emotional connect that cannot be generated through written or audio content. Traveling as a whole is an emotional exercise – the willingness to look at the new things, new places, meet new people, travel through new modes of transport. Videos inspire a better emotional connect and comes with better convincing capabilities. Videos must focus on local points of interest, what to pack based on season, how to travel without burning a hole in your pocket, the spa within the hotel that is not to be missed and so on. Videos show your social media followers and potential guests what experiences they are missing out on by not staying at your hotel in ways that still images cannot.

Corporate Example:

Marriot Hotels is serious about content marketing. So much so that in 2014, it opened a dedicated studio where it creates and produces a myriad of content for its global brands.

As a result, this list could be jam-packed with examples from Marriott, but if we’re limiting it to just one – the ‘Two Bellmen’ series is a clear stand-out.

There have been three original and scripted short films in the series so far, each one depicting Marriott employees going to great lengths to perform their duties as hotel bellmen. With duration increasing with each film (the third is 35 minutes long), they are designed to appeal to viewers in the same way as on-demand television content.

Marriott ensures a high production value and focus on quirky, engaging story-lines

Suggestions on how Marriott can improve the Marriott Bonvoy Program.

Create videos for social media that show what makes your hotel unique in ways that photos cannot express. If your hotel is not incorporating videos in its social media marketing strategy, it’s missing out on an important tool for attracting new followers and converting followers into guests.

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