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Target Your Tourism Marketing to Golfers

10.11.2013 |

Target Your Tourism Marketing to Golfers

For some travelers, golf is a perfect relaxation getaway. If your destination includes or is close to golf courses, country clubs or golf trails, don’t let your CVB or tourism bureau miss out on an important traveler coming to your neck of the woods: the golfer. Reach out to these tourists by adding a link to your CVB or tourism Web page to give golfers a reason to visit your destination. Here are a few bits of information the link can provide:

* How to pack their gear. With constant updates in FAA regulations, it isn’t uncommon to get to the airport and realize you’ve done something wrong, or something needs to be rearranged. Information geared towards golfers would consist of letting them know: clubs must be checked and secured in a hard case (which can be purchased at most golf shops), golf balls may be carried on the plane, play it safe and check the golf tees, which clubs to bring to keep the checked bag weight light, etc. Links to different airlines and the FAA’s Web site would also be helpful resources.

* What threads to pack. Different golf clubs have different dress codes. Hard spikes might need to be left at home, but collared shirts are almost always a must. Be sure to know what different clubs in your area require to cater to your golfing tourist’s needs.

* Proximity to the greens. How close are your hotel and convention centers are to golf destinations? Be sure to list directions and maps to and from each of your lodging facilities.

* Weather expectations. Golfers check the forecast dozens of times a day to make sure their tee times are sunny and clear. Make sure your golfer tourists know how light/heavy to pack, and if they should bring an umbrella.

Targeting your tourism destination towards different travelers is a simple, foolproof way of increasing traffic to your area.

Even if your destination doesn’t have its own greens, giving golfer tourists a friendly place to lay their heads will keep them coming back.

Jessica Swink is a freelance writer specializing in articles about SEO for travel Web sites and professional SEO writing services.

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