Plan a Wedding in Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit

Top Reasons to Plan a Wedding in Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit
Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit – Nuevo Vallarta – Bucerias – Punta Mita – Sayulita – San Pancho – Wedding

Puerto Vallarta is a gorgeous destination. Imagine yourself at a mountaintop villa in a light romantic dress, on a warm, tropical evening, the air scented with flowers. You walk through onto a stone terrace where a Spanish fountain provides a calming babble in the background. You make your way to your groom’s side where you both have an awe-inspiring view.

After the ceremony your friends toast to your happiness as the sun sets and the stars and moon rise over the azure sea. You dine on delicious, fresh fish flavored with cilantro, lemon and lime, and afterwards the celebration and dancing begins to the beat of Mariachi music…

Top reasons to plan a wedding or honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta
Affordable, direct flights from all major hubs of the United States.
– Affordable in general! You can rent a mountaintop villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Many of the villas can
accommodate a wedding as well.
– So much to do! Puerto Vallarta offers mountain, jungle and ocean fun all in one area.
– Latin culture, reliable services. Mexico & Puerto Vallarta offers the best of Latin American culture …cuisine, textiles,
pottery, music, hospitality…yet the infrastructure is better than most other Latin American destinations, especially for
weddings and events.
– Convenience. Puerto Vallarta electricity is the same as ours; most people in the service industry speak English.
– Gracious hospitality. Puerto Vallarta people are very warm and friendly.
– The food! Puerto Vallarta variety is so delicious… fresh fish, fish tacos, plantains, delicious breakfasts of eggs rancheros
with avocados and freshly squeezed juice! You can taste the sun, and the Tropics in every meal.
– Weddings are momentous occasions. Puerto Vallarta amazing view everywhere you look to match the drama of the
occasion. Breathtaking view for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for couples who want something exotic, yet easy to get to.

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