Thinking about buying views

Thinking about buying views?

Monday, November 18, 2013

We know you work hard on your videos, and perhaps they don’t always get as many views as you’d hoped for. But if you’re considering paying someone to increase your view count, you may want to think again. You probably won’t get what you paid for.

Views generated by some third-party businesses and services will not be counted on YouTube, and can lead to disciplinary action against your account, including removing your video or suspending your account.

Long-term success on YouTube is based on creating great content and engaging with fans. If you’re looking for ways to grow your audience, check out the great tips in our Creator Playbook.

There are also legitimate paid options. YouTube’s TrueView solutions offer cost-effective ways to build your audience with many targeting options, along with deep insights into the types of viewers engaging with your videos.

If you’re considering a third-party service, proceed with care and find out how they intend to promote your content:

Ask where your videos will be promoted
Ask about transparency of data and analytics
Ask about targeted demographics
Ask if they require video views in return for access to services or incentives

Remember that ultimately, you are responsible for your video traffic. If you contract a company that gives you spam instead of views, you pay the penalty, not the company.

We’re trying to keep YouTube an even playing field for all creators like yourself, and to keep the focus on great content rather than quickly accumulating views. The next time you come across a company promising lots of views for cash, please think twice.

To learn more about buying and getting YouTube views through third-party services, check out more information here.

The YouTube Team
Posted by YouTube Creators Nov 18 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Introducing YouTube Fan Finder
Behind every great channel are great fans. A few months ago we announced Top Fans, a tool to help you interact with your most engaged viewers. Today we’re launching Fan Finder, a new initiative designed to help you introduce and connect your channel to new fans, at no cost to you.

To get started with Fan Finder, just create and upload a video introducing new fans to your channel (more on that below) and then submit it here to Fan Finder.

We’ll turn your video into a TrueView video ad, which gives viewers the option to skip after 5 seconds. We’ll show your ad for free across YouTube to connect you with brand new fans. Fan Finder takes into account the interactions that viewers have with millions of YouTube channels in order reach the people who are most likely to engage with your channel.

Ready to get started? Create and upload your ad to your channel, then submit it to Fan Finder.

Here are some tips for creating an effective channel ad:

Keep your channel ad short and engaging: Introduce the viewer to your content; don’t assume they have heard of you or your channel before. Remember, your channel ad will run as a TrueView ad which the viewer can skip after 5 seconds, so get to the point.

Entertain the viewer: When in doubt “show” what your channel is about, don’t “tell”. If you have a comedy channel make sure your ad is funny, if you have a music channel make sure your ad has music. You get the drift.
Aim for a strong message: Keep your channel ad focused on your channel and why viewers should subscribe or check out your content.

Have a clear call to action: What do you want your viewers to do? This should be scripted and annotated in your channel ad. Don’t forget to explain what subscribe means (example: want to see more content? Subscribe here).
Branding matters: Make sure your branding is clear and reiterated throughout the ad. You want viewers to remember your channel.

Check out for more information and to see some great sample channel ads.

The YouTube team Posted by YouTube Creators Nov 12 2013

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