The Rise of Travel & Tourism Video Content Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

The Rise of Travel & Tourism Video Content Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

When a traveler embarks on an adventure, they return home not only with memories of where they went, but with stories of being changed by their experiences.
This is rich and engaging storytelling more prevalent than in travel.

Anecdotes provide more than enough content for travel brands to appeal to those thirsty for adventure.
Google’s report on travel video content is any indicator, destinations that are including elements of storytelling in
their strategies are leaving their competitors in the dust.

Travelers begin fantasizing about future destinations far before they begin the process of booking.
With the rise of mobile, modern daydreaming looks much less like staring out of a window, and more like staring at a screen.
Many consumers instead elect to get lost in video, social media, or photos. Google is reporting that travel related content views are up 118%
and 67% of those views are on branded or professionally done videos.

More than one billion people watching over six billion hours of video per month.
Travelers are clearly craving visual content that explores destinations, hotels, food, and activities.

Those who are willing to go a step further by reaching out to and partnering with influencers with travel vlogs,
can also expect to find themselves receiving 4x more social engagement than other types of travel video content on YouTube.

With views of branded videos up 394%, hospitality brands with unique selling points, interesting visuals, and unusual offerings must find a way to capture it all on film.

The W Maldives even takes the travel video content marketing a step further by producing an artistic film following the lives of two women visiting the hotel.

Travelers want to be transported. If you can figure out how to honestly and authentically tell your stories in a way that makes it less about the brand and
more about the traveler.

It is incredibly important for hotels to improve engagement with site visitors with a video strategy.

Video for Hotels and Hospitality

Two things travelers look for most when researching hotels for their next trip: photos and video.

Video is the best tool for showing travelers what your property looks like and what they can expect upon arrival.

It allows your future guests to feel confident their money will be well spent at your property.

Invite travelers and guests to submit video reviews of your hotel.
Customer reviews can be the most vital selling point you have.
This will allow researching travelers to access a well-rounded source of information about your hotel.

Make the most of property slideshows and videos. Sell your location to the researching traveler, with photos and video of your property — from the pool, to guest rooms, to the lobby and fitness center. Let them see it all.

Inspire travelers with video. Don’t simply show them the inside of your property, but the outside as well.
Is your hotel a beachfront location? That may be your number one selling point.
Help travelers imagine their vacation on the white sandy beaches outside your hotel.
Use your surroundings as a selling point to future guests.

Inspire your guests and sell your property as the best in the area, you do not want to set up false expectations.
Focus on the realistic selling points of your property. Tell it like it is.

Show your guests what they will experience when they book at your location.

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