Succeed with Video Marketing

Succeed with Video Marketing

The reason video marketing gets so much attention these days is because it is the fastest growing promotional medium online. The kind of response you can generate from a video marketing campaign can help you immensely in getting more exposure to your product or service, and drive long term traffic to your website.

You need to embrace the opportunities that video marketing offers you. You won’t be able to fully explore video marketing until you accept just how important and widespread it is.

See our stats on how many videos get shared online and what kind of potential is there. As your competition grows and grows and that means that if you are not embracing the video marketing you’re basically giving your money to other marketers.

There are lots of great tools on the internet that can help you gather this sort of information, like how many views you get, how many times the video gets played, which can help you decide which steps to take in the future.

A Corporate video is a great tool to convince your users to visit your website and consider your services, or purchase your products. Videos can also help users gain a greater understanding of your website, and can promote your image and add credibility and creating trust between you and potential clients.

Videos are made to attract and convince users to visit and consider your products and services
Target specific web audience and potential visitors
Set a tone of professionalism
Inspire confidence in your users
Educate users and increase your credibility
Increase your sales and web traffic
Attracting customers to the benefits of your services
Improve the overall interactive experience and image of your website

Videos are a great tool when it comes to generating buzz about services, products, or your company. The purpose of videos is to increase brand recognition, a video that is interesting or provocative for users to send and forward it to friends, with no additional promotional efforts by you. YouTube and Google Video are excellent websites for uploading viral videos and advertising them for free. Greatly enhance your brand name and recognition, as well as awareness of your services and products.

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Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta, San Pancho

Selected Markets by Videos per Viewer and Online Video Viewing Penetration
(October 2011; Total Worldwide Visitors Age 15+; Home/Work Location)
Markets Videos per Viewer
Canada 303.7
U.S. 286.3

Markets % Reach Web Population
Canada 90.9%
Mexico 87.2%

Source: comScore Video Metrix
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