Social Media Video for Travel, Tourism, Hotel, Real Estate.

Social Media Video for Travel, Tourism, Hotel, Real Estate. Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja California Sur, Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Video is great tool that can support a variety of products and services objectives. It includes driving sales, educate customer, elevate customer experience, increase customer retention and brand presence.

The best way to promote a brand online is through video content. Videos are a new type of strategy that focuses first on audience connection and engagement. Videos capitalize on connecting with audiences on an emotional level through brand storytelling.

It is essential to create powerful and brilliant videos to capture their audience’s attention.

There is no better way for brands to engage and connect with audiences than sharing history and story. You will be giving audiences an inside look into your product or service beginnings and help them empathize with why you do what you do. A video under 1 minute as a way to hammer effectiveness.

The primary ways that videos are used is to educate audiences. Explainer videos are a huge hit for both prospective and returning customers to help them know your product or service, while at the same time reinforcing the value it offers to their lives.

A key factor in effective brand storytelling is being able to generate emotional responses from your audience. Creating a short video, often heartwarming and inspiring, where your product is a part of.

Exploring the value and meaning behind your product, , and coupled with strategic storytelling, you can generate an emotional response from your customers that will prompt them to look at your product.

Videos make a greater impact on audiences if the final output is of high quality and is professionally made. If you’re struggling with video production, or if you need help in strategizing your video content strategy, we are here to help.

Social media video is on the rise in a big way particularly on Facebook. In fact, last year the number of videos post per person increased by a huge 75%. The amount of videos from people in brands in peoples’ newsfeeds has also increased, 3.6 times year over year. There is no doubt about it video is becoming an increasingly central part of our experience on social media.

Facebook and Twitter both allow you to pin posts to the top of your page so it’s the first thing users see, and with 44% of people choosing video as their favourite way to learn about a new product or service this is the perfect way to give them your elevator pitch and get the interested.

Remember human beings are hard wired for stories and videos is a perfect way to tell yours. Let your personality shine through. Increase Engagement with Short Form Video

Video Marketing Consultant Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit

Video Marketing Consultant

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We produce videos for Realtors, hotels, Hospitals, restaurants, tours, attractions and regions throughout Mexico.

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