Social Media Video for Tourism & Real Estate

Social Media Video for Tourism & Real Estate Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit

There’s been an explosion of growth in video on social media in recent years. Views of branded video content have increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook. On Twitter, a video Tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo Tweet. If you haven’t taken a closer look at the power of social media and video together, the numbers are really big.

It is time we’re focusing on video ideas specifically for social media. The importance of a great social media video strategy, is doing everything possible for positive results. You must create and optimize videos based on what works best on each specific network.

On social media, videos are generally discovered, rather than sought out. People will search for a video on YouTube or Google, to learn more about their enquiries. Whether they watch it depends largely on how eye-catching and engaging it is. There are some proven tactics that can help to cut through the noise and improve the odds of people seeing and watching your content.

When you do it well, you will see higher engagement and build a better rapport with your audience.

Will your audience have a cohesive understanding of your images and video content? What is your primary goal for creating videos?

Staying relevant and capturing your audience’s attention is a constant challenge.

From the start you will need of fresh inspiration and use different video strategies to engage customers, you must create engaging video content on social media.

Instagram with Stories, 60-second videos and Instagram Live, the network is all about video content.

With the rapid adoption of video content on Instagram, the network has provided users with plenty of avenues for engagement.

Use Instagram Stories for Higher Brand Awareness and to Build Your Brand. It is smart to adopt an Instagram Stories strategy to increase brand awareness. Keeping up with social network changes is a challenge. It is important to look at the most important features within the network.

Video content on Facebook is a great way to increase awareness around your organic content. If you’re promoting exclusive content or a source for general information, your brand has to provide context. Your video content must take over text in the future, so get your strategy going now with the help of these articles. From text to images and video to live streaming, content has had a particular lifespan around engagement. Facebook has massive marketing possibilities for businesses looking to increase their reach.

The major player with social media video is YouTube. As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube is the mecca of social media video content.

Promote with YouTube channel to maximize views. Dissecting your YouTube analytics helps you understand what’s resonating with your audience or what type of content is performing best organically.

According to one study, 78% of people said that their buying decisions have been influenced by brands’ social media posts. Video is a great way to highlight a product or demonstrate a specific feature. An informal social media post can seem more authentic.

Everyone loves a deal! Offer your social media followers an exclusive deal and grab their attention with an eye-catching video promoting a sale or promo.

Entertain, inspire or educate: Rule number one is to make your video valuable! Aim to either educate, entertain, or inspire. Be attention-grabbing: If your video is not engaging in the first few seconds, your fans are likely to keep right on scrolling. Add an eye-catching title card and aim to grab viewers’ attention in the first 3 seconds.

Short videos tend to perform best on social media. We’re talking 2-3 minutes tops on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram only allows videos of up to one minute, though the old upper limit of 15 seconds is still often a good length to aim for.

Choosing A Video Production Company

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