Resources on Video Marketing and Video SEO

15 Can’t Miss Resources on Video Marketing & Video SEO

by Sharon Hurley Hall

If there’s one thing for certain as we move into 2014, it’s that video marketing is huge. So it’s important for marketers to get a grip on exactly what this means for their content strategy.

Here’s a roundup of recent resources on video marketing to ensure that you can use this tactic effectively in the New Year.

Setting the Context

1. A good place to start this roundup is with a video infographic from Marketing Profs on the state of video in 2013. It reveals some interesting statistics.

Did you know that 75 million people watch videos online each month and that 40 billion videos are streamed in the US each month? Me neither. The infographic also charts the rise of social video apps and concludes that it’s an area that marketers cannot ignore.

Key insight: If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video is worth 1 million. With this huge market, it’s no wonder that video marketing is growing in popularity.

2. Some marketers are already using video effectively. The 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report published by ReelSEO and others shows that 93% of marketers are using video content. More importantly, 82% of them found that it had a positive effect on their business.

Marketers are using video for email and website marketing and are paying attention to video SEO. In addition, 71% of the marketers polled plan to increase spending on video marketing in the coming year.

Key insight: Concerns about cost and quality still hamper commitment to using video marketing.
3. Want to know why you need online video? The Video Brewery blog presents the stats. The article covers the growth in the market and the shift in consumer viewing habits from TV to online video. It also collects a number of statistics underlining the effectiveness of online video in engaging audiences and building awareness.

Key insight: Consumers are now spending almost 45 minutes a week more on digital media than watching TV, making it a no-brainer for marketers.
4. Quicksprout has recent data on the market for online video, delivered via an extremely informative infographic. Some 100 million web users watch online video daily, and videos boost people’s understanding of what you are offering by 74%.

Key insight: Videos drive action. In the stats presented here, 25% of users looked for additional product information after watching a video, and 12% purchased the featured product.

Tips for Effective Marketing

5. If you’ve decided to use video marketing, then you want to do it right. Jason Parks provides 10 Tips for Incredible Video Marketing Success on the Jeff Bullas blog. He underlines the importance of creating compelling content for videos and of leveraging other marketing techniques, such as content optimization, using a strong call to action and social sharing.

He recommends that marketers start by uploading videos to YouTube but should also use other video channels for more exposure.

Key insight: Transcripts are an excellent way to provide value for users while improving SEO for your video.
6. An article on Forbes outlines the 10 Biggest Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid. It points out that videos reflect your brand, which means branding your video well is a key step in getting brand recognition benefits.

Other tips for video success include keeping videos short, focusing on one main message and thinking about strategy—there’s no point in making a video unless it has some strategic importance.

Key insight: Since viewer engagement drops with every minute of video it is important to include your key selling points near the start.
7. In this SlideShare presentation (Tip: start on slide 20), Phil Nottingham of Distilled demonstrates the alignment between the goals content marketing and video marketing.

He refutes the idea that producing video is too costly, especially given the massive increase in video advertising spending. And he shows how to make videos affordably. He discusses how to integrate video into other content marketing, as well as the pros and cons of using YouTube.

Key insight: Whenever uploading a video to YouTube, use the permitted places on the homepage, annotations and overlays to send traffic back to your site.

Good Practice in Video Marketing

8. The Content Marketing Institute’s Mark Walker gives five tips on How to Succeed with Video Content Marketing. He suggests batching video production to create a series and leveraging the content you already have from speaking engagements to make your first videos. Business events are also a great way to generate original video content, he says.

Key insight: As well as interactivity, it is important to make sure that your video is available cross-platform on as many key distribution channels as possible.
9. Ready for some inspiration? Marketing Week dissects the top 20 viral video ads of 2013. I personally enjoyed the winner, Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches. Others in the top five included ads from Geico, Evian, Kmart and Cornetto.

Key insight: Brand marketers are increasingly focusing on deepening engagement through shareable branded video.

Bonus: for additional insight into these videos and others, check out the detailed case studies on the Digital Strategy Consulting blog.

Video Creation Tips

10. With video, it’s essential to get the script right. Video Brewery outlines one of the major mistakes that video script writers make. It highlights the differences between writing for businesses and writing for consumers and suggests that marketers avoid jargon in their scripts.

Key insight: Consumers are interested in what a product will do for them, so spell out the benefits without jargon. This approach also works fro B2B videos.
11. ReelSEO reports on marketers’ top video SEO practices in 2013. Some of the tips covered include video content on their blog, allowing external embedding, optimizing video file names and optimizing YouTube videos.

Key insight: 77% of marketers are using keyword tagging effectively on YouTube, providing a number of entries when people search for content.

12. Mashable provides tips for marketers on branded video, something that is becoming increasingly crucial. The article outlines the importance of timeliness, video format and avoiding overt promotion.

Key insight: Hitting the sweet spot with branded video can turn the people who barely know you into fervent brand ambassadors and can vastly improve brand recognition. Use video benchmarking to guide future efforts.

The Future

13. A recent study of the Future of Retail has major implications for video marketing. It reveals that 53% of people have been influenced by a YouTube video when making a purchase.

Key insight: Marketers can embed coupons and promotions in their videos to leverage this growing market.
14. If you believe Marketing Profs’ predictions for the 2013 holiday season, video is going to be a bigger part of the shopping experience and consumers will share more branded video content.

Key insight: Cross-device and cross-channel video will become the expected norm and the use of interactive video which meshes several content types will improve the shopping experience.
15. Finally, IHS has released a study showing that by 2017 there will be more than 8 billion video devices with an Internet connection. These will include smart TVs, games consoles, smartphones and tablets, Blu-ray players, PCs and set-top boxes. And that will be a 90% increase over this year’s figure. That’s a huge audience for marketers to reach. IP video is also going to grow.

Key insight: In 2005, PCs were 93% of connected devices but this will fall to 23% by the end of 2017. Marketers will have to target a wider array of connected devices with their content.
Did any of those insights surprise you? Are you using video marketing as part of your content marketing mix? Check out CrazyEgg’s other posts on video marketing for more insight.

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