Real Estate Video Marketing Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit – Nuevo Vallarta – Bucerias – Punta Mita – Sayulita

Real Estate Video Marketing Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit – Nuevo Vallarta – Bucerias – Punta Mita – Sayulita.

Real estate videos are a fantastic way to start generating more leads and building relationships in your community. I’m going to break down exactly the type of videos that are effective in today’s market. And show you awesome examples for each type. At the end, we’ll talk about a little bit about how to market these videos once you have them made.

Over ­Produced & Luxury
Listings | Real Estate Video These videos are mostly for inspiration! It simply doesn’t make sense to produce videos at this level. Why? Because most of the value in Youtube real estate videos comes from age. You want videos that are evergreen and timeless. These videos will continue to market your brand 3­5 years down the road. However, these luxury listings are a great source of inspiration. I always challenge myself to make the best product possible, and these should help you get ideas for things you can include in your other videos.

Luxury Real Estate: The Girona:
The sweeping shots and drone video footage make this walk through captivating. While you certainly will not have the budget (or time) to make a video like this for every listing, you can use some of the angles and ideas in your next video.

Killarney New Custom Home ­ Calgary Real Estate Property Video Walk through Tour:
The video tour is a great example of how you can incorporate closeup shots with panoramic views. There is a vast contrast in shots and the video makes a good study
for new realtors looking to become better at shooting video.

28 McGuire Trail, Palgrave ­Video walk­t hrough with the Stuart Sinclair Team!

Caledon Real Estate:
Pay attention to how this video uses the features of the house. There is rarely a full shot of any room. Instead, they focus the camera on the features that make the property unique. You can feature the entryway and special parts of every room. The quality of the video increases dramatically the further you get from simply panning the room.

…For example:
This video is your traditional real estate video. You have simple shots of the rooms and little detail is put into the work:

As you can see, these videos took a long time to produce. But you can harvest ideas from them for your real estate videos. These ideas will make everything you produce higher quality! I like to challenge myself to make every piece of content better in just one way. You should try that philosophy with your videos. You’ll find that it’s a lot easier to make improvements one little thing at a time; rather, than trying to make the perfect video the first time.

Agent Interviews And Office Intros Through Real Estate

When it comes to videos, you really want to have content out there that introduces yourself and your team. Selling real estate is all about the relationship and trust. You can garner a lot of trust and start the relationship through video. Plus, you stand a very good chance of these videos being found by searchers online. For example, look at this agent marketing themselves in the Chicago area as a luxury realtor. She is showing up on the first page of Youtube results.

Your Expert Guide to Chicago Luxury Real Estate:
This real estate video introduces a company. The video is rather simple, but look at this: The video shows up on the first page of a great keyword search!

The other neat thing about this type of video is that it allows you to have permanent content. House walk through’s have a very limited lifespan. But your agent and
introduction videos can last for years! I suggest making at least 3 videos introducing yourself and your team. You can make these in different neighborhoods and settings to maximize the search terms you show up for. Another great idea is to explain FAQ’s over video. You can explain FAQ over video and then post them on your website. These pages and videos will then serve as an excellent resource to future home buyers/sellers.

Sell That Neighborhood
Through Real Estate Video The other angle you can take with evergreen real estate video is selling yourself as a neighborhood expert. People aren’t buying houses anymore. They are buying the neighborhood. And what better way to brand yourself in that little niche than with several videos of you explaining the in’s and out’s of that neighborhood.

You can have explainer videos demonstrating market activity in the area. You can do walk through of interesting facts about the neighborhood. You can create content
showing off the best aspects of the neighborhoods. All of this information turns you into the local expert in that area. And increases the likelihood of people doing business with you.

Here are some interesting takes on neighborhood explainers:

School Reviews In Your Real

Estate Videos
What is another key factor when it comes to choosing a location? The school district. You can interview, review, and profile the various school options near you. This will provide a quality resource for anyone moving into the area. Sure, there is information online on websites like

Great Schools
But this is nothing compared to what you can create in a quality interview with the teachers or principals. Here’s an example:

Marketing The Real Estate

I hope you have some ideas for videos you can make now! The main thing to remember when making these videos is to market them. You need to actively promote these
videos until they have over 100 views. Here are a few ideas to do that:

1) Marketing Automation Tools For Your Real Estate Videos :
These tools will help you post your video on social media. This sharing is a great way to get your videos off the ground.

2) Use Facebook Marketing :
You can usually find groups on Facebook that are related to these local areas. I suggest embedding your Youtube real estate video on a lead capture website (like the ones Easy Agent Pro makes) and posting the link in these groups. This should get you quality views in no time! Don’t be afraid to repost the link there every month. Different people will see it each time. You can also use Twitter for real estate agents and blogging to get views on your videos.

3) Youtube commenting is another great strategy to link up your videos. You can include comments on other local videos linking back to yours. Be sure to include helpful advice when commenting so it doesn’t come off as SPAM.

4) Pinterest is a great way to get your videos viewed. Simply copy the Youtube URL and paste it on Pinterest. Pinterest will find the thumbnail and you’ll be able to pin your video.

5) Real Estate Farming and video production: You can include these videos on your real estate farming pages. This will help brand you as the local expert.

When you are becoming a real estate agent , it’s important to build up a certain amount of credibility to get your first few listings. Video helps you do that quicker. I highly suggest recording these videos and marketing them for your business.

Producing A Real Estate

Here are some guide for creating great video content: ?
If you are making videos in-house, here is a great green screen kit. It comes with a good set of lights that will help you get started on the right foot:

Here is an article describing some of the basics when it comes to
shooting your own video

This is a more advanced article on the topic What do you think?
Let me know what you think about making your own real estate videos in the comment below! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. ­ Tyler

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